Not Getting What You Want in Life Means Something Has Gone Wrong

Yes, of course, if you are NOT getting what you want in life there’s many thought patterns to correct.

Would you like to once and for all get rid of that scarcity mindset brought on by thoughts of lack?

One that proves a scarcity mentality is based on circles around negative perceptions and just plain old puts the ego-based mind in control of your life.

But remember, the ego in us all is that fearful and doubting aspect we humans just can’t seem to get rid of. But we can minimize it to where Spirit takes the driver seat!

A Course in Miracles gives us this profound spiritual metaphysical principle stating:

  • “When you are weary, remember you have hurt yourself… Would you be hostage to the ego or host to God?”

It won’t take but about a few minutes or as much time as you need to undo what most likely is holding you back from your dreams. 

Best of all, it would include beginning to live your dreams and true free will  from your heart.

What you want in life would certainly be called your true free will.

Just go here and take the brief free quiz that will open your mind to why and where you might be falling short of your life dreams.

Make sure you take the quiz and then watch the lesson on signals that highly effective people have learned to tap into.

On top of that, be sure to get latest book of the ever-developing series called, Living Your Dream, Not Someone Else’s.

See a related article right here all about: Yes, you can change and begin to live the life you want…

You can learn to master it, you can create a future to call your own reality pretty quickly.

I mean, being aligned to what you are passionate about, and, make That your purpose in life.

To the best life ever for you, 

James Nussbaumer

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