Rebound Relationship and Are You Falling for Someone Too Quickly?

Do you feel you might be in a rebound relationship where it seems you’re falling in love too fast?

Not all relationships are made in wonderful bliss or Heaven, we may say. Often we have to tinker fate and take the plunge.

Just because a love relationship is over doesn’t suggest you are prepared for the next one. Falling in love does not occur in a breeze of the wind.

Being involved in another one right after a breakup would be a possible case of rebound relationship.

I mean, if you were genuinely devoted to that recent breakup of the relationship being over.

Many people who have actually been through a separate sometimes feel the requirement to be involved again.

Some of them have to be in a rebound relationship in order to ensure themselves that they were not the reason for the failure.

They think that a rebound relationship will strongly reaffirm their self-esteem.

Before we move on in this article consider this affirmation I’ve put together from lesson of A Course in Miracles; which can be used in mindfulness meditation.

People who take part in another relationship before being through the grieving procedure can get lost.

I’m saying, of losing the previous one might be searching for the familiar comfort zone.

Some people need to have partner in order to feel whole. However, hence, they dedicate to a rebound relationship.

Others find it needed to find the love and companionship they were used to having.

A rebound relationship resembles putting plaster and paint on your heartbreak.

It does not make the heartbreak look any much better. As a result, it can sure assist you ignore the discomfort.

Not all rebound relationships are destined nothingness. There are in fact those who find their genuine loves in rebound relationships.

Getting into a new love ordeal before your old partner even had the opportunity to take his stuff out of the home will more likely face problems.

No matter how bad your past relationship was, you still need to determine if you are indeed ready for someone to fill the space that your old partner left.

Evaluate if a brand-new love affair is really what you require to be pleased.

Often, we just need to “discover” ourselves after being “lost” in an unhealthy relationship; and this generally takes time.

A rebound relationship is like a fast repair.

That is why, rebound relationships primarily fail. Sure, due to the fact that both parties anticipate too much from the promises each has made.

Whatever factors individuals have in getting into rebound relationships, they can all be considered as selfish.

Regardless how they demand finding love that fast, they can not deny a certain fact. That is, the fact that they are driven by the idea of getting their self-confidence back.

Likewise, proving their individual worth. And to make their rebound relationship work, they can just hope, or die trying.

If you were genuinely committed to that failed relationship, being included in another one right after would be a possible case of rebound relationship.

Some people require to have partner in order to feel whole, hence, they devote to a a search for finding love right away.

But, again, as I already stated, in a different way: There are really those who find their genuine loves in rebound relationships.

Whatever reasons individuals have in getting into rebound relationships, they can all be thought about as ‘lonesomeness’.

And to make their rebound relationships work, they can just hope out of fantasy, and never truly finding love. 

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Next, let’s look at the emotional precautions for seeking and searching for love too fast. 

The Rebound Relationship: An Emotional Risk? 

A real love relationship is one of life’s biggest satisfaction and gifts.

The separated or divorce situation is among life’s biggest disappointments and distress. Getting over that separateness is certainly a lot simpler said than done.

Here’s another affirmation to use in meditation or prayer which again I’d received from lessons from A Course in Miracles:

  • I am able to be fully myself and completely authentic in my love relationship, because I communicate my desires and needs clearly and confidently with my partner. 

Lots of people fall under the trap of attempting to get over an ex by beginning to date somebody new.

This is what is happening in the dating world on find love in a rush! For a number of factors a rebound is not an excellent concept, as a basic rule.

The very first reason is that usually when individuals date someone on the rebound, they are trying to change their ex.

The next reason is that if you understand you are not over your ex, you can wind up overwhelming the individual you simply began dating.

Another reason is that moving on with a new partner too fast does not permit you to truly recover.

The first reason that dating on the rebound is not generally a great concept. What I mean is, that when you discover someone new, you tend to try to replace your ex right now.

Of course so, and that’s human nature of the ego-based mind about us all. Sure it is, instead of just seeking somebody to hang around with.

You could unsuspectingly be misinterpreting recurring sensations about your ex. Yes, for feelings toward a so-called “new love in your life.”

Often times, a rebound relationship will go too far too rapidly. You might find yourself in a major relationship before you recognize what is going on.

A instant and quick severe relationship right after the death of a major relationship is definitely not a good idea.

Another factor of searching for love too soon is the emotional threat.

That is because if you recognize that you are not over your ex and want to end your brand-new relationship, it can create chaos.

On the other hand if you want your ex back in your life because you feel the separation was acted out too rashly, then I suggest this.

I surely mean with the feelings of the new love of your life you are dating to consider your real heart.

You have actually therefore continued to, whether deliberately or not, break the heart of your new companion. I mean if you are not seriously in love or not

Leading somebody on when you are still hooked on or feeling lost from another relationship is certainly not a good thing to do.

One more reason to take your time getting back into the dating scene is that a lot of individuals require time to heal.

Oh my, yes, especially after a long term relationship ends.

It is constantly a great idea to immerse yourself in hanging out old pals; hey, yes, and family, too! 

True friends and relatives or siblings that care about you. However moving on to a various dating partner might not be the finest thing.

Prepare your days or evenings out with people who care about you. Certainly, get to know yourself as a single person.

For these factors, it is clear that dating on the rebound is not a bright idea. There are many things that can fail.

Sure, when you leap straight from one relationship immediately into another you can get hurt again easily.

Rather of rebounding into a relationship that may not be healthy, stop, take a deep breath, and spend some quality time with yourself.

Consider when you think you will feel good about yourself in a brand-new relationship.

Just as well, whether you even want another major relationship in the future. Or, whether you wish to hang around with many different people for awhile.

Too, be certain to consider the kind of person you would wish to be in a relationship with.

Simply take time out for you rather of getting trapped into the feeling hazard of rebounding.

Numerous times, a rebound relationship will go too far too quickly.

A fast and instant severe relationship right after the demise of a severe relationship is certainly not an excellent thing.

Another factor rebound relationships are a psychological hazard is since if you realize that you are not over your ex.

That’s when you might want to end your new relationship, it can wreak havoc with the sensations of the new person you are dating.

One more factor to take your time getting back into the dating scene is that the majority of individuals require time to heal after a long term relationship ends.

Final Word about a Rebound Love Affair:

Be certain to closely consider your emotional state when searching for and finding love.

Consider why a rebound relationship and falling for someone in a breeze may not be healthy.

You may want to explore your real feelings a bit deeper.

Instead of rebounding into a relationship that might not be healthy, stop, take a deep breath, and invest some quality time with yourself.

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To success in life and love,

James Nussbaumer

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