Save the Marriage System has Miraculous Relationship Advice for Keeps

Just like you there are many who are seeking relationship help, and a save the marriage system is healing their love for one another.

Let me explain by a true story about saving a marriage with the right relationship advice.

George sent me a message with that one question, “Why should I listen to YOU?”

I wasn’t quite clear about the question, so I asked George for a bit more information. He told me he had visited my website and knew he wanted some marriage help.

That’s when he considered a save the marriage system. 

He saw my information, read the info, watched the videos… but still wasn’t convinced.

I get it, saving a marriage, sure, we live in cynical times. And you SHOULD be skeptical. George’s question may have been a bit more challenging than I expected on a email. 

But I have had the same question by a text message, too. So, I get it. Why listen??

First, let me say to you about myself years ago when my daughter was young, and I was divorced from her mother.

This was way far before people had GPS directions and maps on their phone (I actually only had an answering machine which was high tech at the time.) 

Likewise, we wouldn’t have afforded a GPS system for the car, anyhow (they surely would of been very expensive, clunky, and only somewhat helpful).

But we went on a father and daughter journey.

Map in hand. I had an atlas from the gas station and a TripTik from AAA. We were about as equipped as we could be!

First, we left Ohio and headed south from the airport on a smooth and exciting flight to Florida. Of course then a rental car to where my sister was presiding. It was a great reunion, and we wanted to reconnect with her and see her young family. 

Heck, my daughter then was about age 8 or so, and now a wonderful mother, wife, and a school teacher shocking the world with her grand accomplishments.

From there, we turned back, and headed for home on a more scenic route. It was a northerly route with a stop at Disney World. We put many miles on a rental car and the airline tickets were not cheap.

It was a great trip… but then there was that little “routing issue.”

I got lost. (Yikes!)

As we were prone to do on that trip, we would see a sign, hear about something, and head off to see it. Right off our TripTik.

Remember, no GPS. We did manage to make it to all the sites we wanted to see.

But it was more about the, “getting back to the original route.”

In one area we were in the middle of nowhere. We left seeing some alligators in Florida (my young girl loved hopping around being lost, I guess because she trusted me.)

My point is, I must have taken a wrong turn. Blame it on my being worried and tired… but either way, I missed the turn. We were thoroughly lost. Not even sure where we were on a map.

Finally, we stumbled across an old fashioned gas station with the restroom around back in a truly scary swampy area outside Orlando.

I walked in, found the old man clerk with sun-leather skin with a hand-rolled cigarette hanging from the side of his lips, and who looked like he hadn’t shaved in a few years.

So, I politely asked how we could get back to where we needed to be.

He snarled with a raspy laugh, told me he had to redirect people all the time and that he lived right near where we were going.

He pulled out a piece of paper, told me to ignore my map. Then, sketched out the route back for us. He even included the landmarks along the way!

When I got back to the car, my little girl wisely asked me: “Dad, are you sure he gave you the right directions?”

Nervously, I chuckled and asked, “Well, do you see any option right now? I am lost, and he said he knows the way back. I can’t keep going the way I was going.

We will only get more lost.

So, I’d say we better start following his directions. If his first landmark doesn’t show up, I can turn back and at least get some gas, right?”

She smiled feeling safe and shook her head in a yes motion. We were losing daylight, and we needed to get back on-route.

(BTW: I suggest you search deeper on tips for men and are as equally great relationship advice for women, too, when we’re up against: can this marriage be saved?) 

Did I trust his directions? Nope. But I knew I needed some help to get back. So, I tested his directions. First, they seemed to make sense.

They pointed me to where I wanted to go.

Second, I could test at each step. Did I see the landmark he said? If yes, I could go to the next, and the next, and the next. And I was already lost.

If I stayed that way, I knew the way back.

But if I didn’t want to be lost, this gave me a way back. From someone who lived there for many years, drove the area, had helped other lost drivers, and was clear with his directions.

I didn’t trust him. Sure, I tested him. I gave his directions a try. After all, I was already lost. I had no idea where to go.

But I sure couldn’t just keep wandering through that thick swampland on both sides of the narrow two lane road with no shoulder in the middle of nowhere.

I had my little girl to take care of!

It was up to me to get us back to where we needed to be. I just needed directions to get there.

Which brings me back to saving a marriage where George is concerned.

It is Why He is Happy with a Save the Marriage System

Let’s be clear: he was lost. What he had been doing was not working. His marriage was failing, and he was clueless on what to do.

So, I told him, “You don’t HAVE to listen to me. But it sure sounds like what you HAVE been listening to is not working. I’m curious… have you listened to any of my webinars?”

He had.

“Did they make sense to you? Did you try anything to test it out?”, I asked.

Yes and yes, and he did consider a save the marriage system.

My webinars and Master-Mind Challenge HAD made sense. He HAD seen some shifts, based on that.

In other words, he didn’t really need to trust me. He was testing me. And it seemed to be working! Kinda like me lost in the Florida swamp land with gators and snakes lurking.

Just like a Save the Marriage system it made sense to keep following directions, then, right??

My blog and webinars have many, many articles and sessions. I have given information that anyone can access. I am pretty transparent there. 

As a result, the Master-Mind Challenge membership is on the rise; and my fourth book of my ever-developing series is an eye-opener.

People from around the world are commenting so positively about my work, it simply thrills me.

My readers know my story, and they also know that if I can’t provide the answers they need, then I’ll suggest an expert professional who may.

That said, thousands of people have used my suggestion about getting the Save the Marriage system, and you can get it right here.

I have been helping folks rise above adversity in many areas of life since I found my own way out of darkness. 

(I also recommend seeking out the 7 terrible traps to stay away from when trying to save your marriage:) 

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