What Men Want in a Woman Made Simple: Understanding Men Today!

At a recent Master-Mind Challenge webinar we discussed what men want in a woman made simple. We talked about, why men don’t listen.  AND a simple technique you can use TODAY that will have him nearly hanging on your every word. Because, I’ve gotten a lot of emails asking if this is real..And I TOTALLY […]

Relationship Tips for Men to Avoid Divorce and Save Your Marriage Now

These relationship tips for men are as equally great relationship advice for women, too, when we’re up against: can this marriage be saved? Marital healing and how to avoid divorce and save your marriage begins with an intimate relationship. Yes, of two individuals which keeps them linked together. Starting and then later breaking up the […]

Men and Relationships Today and What Men Love about Women

Is it “magic?” Have you ever wondered why some women manage to keep their men and relationships faithful, loyal, loving, romantic and just plain crazy about them… You’ll MELT him … if you want to be the kind of woman he simply can’t resist (and would never even consider leaving). No, but it’s pretty close […]

Truth about what Men Want as Relationship Advice for Women

“If only I could understand the truth about what men want,” is a common thought for women when dating men. Is there truly any reliable relationship advice for women when dating men? Rather than describe all the differences between the sexes, it is often more helpful to focus on a few areas that any woman […]