What Men Really Want – Deep Review on The Women Men Adore – Is it helpful?

Are you making these mistakes with your man because you don’t know what men really want? I wanted to ask … Does your man’s personality and his behavior have you wondering about men and relationships?

Does he promise to do some things and then do the complete opposite?

Like …Saying he’s going to take you out on Friday night, but then says he forgot? Seems a bit insane, huh?

I’d like to introduce you if you have a few minutes to a fellow author on women’s issues, Bob.

Bob explains a lot of men’s very bizarre behavior.

And he reveals how you can use all of this, what men really want, advice to your advantage, and I love the part where he talks about, “The #1 Man Repellant in Existence.”

Do you know what YOUR man is thinking and what men really want?

Are You What He’s Looking For?

If you could know, wouldn’t it be awesome to understand what men really want what they desire in a woman? Are trying to get him back from a broken relationship?

This is pretty darn close and then?

What if Men actually WANT you to know these secrets and surprisingly … it’s easier than you may think.

You could plant yourself inside his head, have him do what YOU want him to do, and have him think it was his idea and if that’s not enough for you…

You’ll even discover why men don’t listen AND a simple technique you can use TODAY that will have him nearly hanging on your every word.

I had some doubts too, then I started reading through some of the success stories about women discovering what men really want, and Bob has had thousands of women who’ve used his program.

Here are a few of the amazing success stories:

Dear Bob,

I love the book and instructions on, The Women Men Adore,

and I think the advice is right on.

I have found it very helpful, and just I love Bob Grant!

All the best,


(Next from Jennifer)

Dear Bob Grant,

Thank you for, The Woman Men Adore … and “Never Want to Leave.”.

I enjoyed reading it and have tried one of your suggestions and it worked:-RRB-,

so I trust all the others and I’m excited about their effects.

Thank you very much!

And I TOTALLY understand …

I have my entire life. Funny … now I get the phone texts and calls and I am

 ignoring them.

I’m really loving my life for the first time in years.

I love it!



(Next is from Clarice)

Bob, your book and instructions on, The Women Men Adore is fantastic.

I read it in one weekend, underlined tons of pointers, and will be referring

to it regularly.

I just want to thank you for sharing the information in a format that reaches

anyone who wants it.

If this is real, I’ve gotten a lot of emails asking.

Best regard,


(Next is from Diana)

I am highly impressed with what I have read so far.

The main book is superb and one of the most impressive things

about them all is the clarity, directness and simplicity with which they

are written and the concepts conveyed.

These are a joy to behold and to read. An excellent investment!

Thank you, again.

Compliments to…

Bob Grant please.



My Conclusion on Men and Relationships:

I have gone over all his material myself, and I must say from a man’s standpoint, now I’m learning more about what women want.

I’m seeing this material as extremely educational not only for, what men really want, or relationships men are seeking, or men and relationships, BUT as well for us men to see inside our own behaviors.  

Don’t wait any longer women, you’ll get your man to OPEN up …

And if you work the program the way Bob explains it (the way THOUSANDS of women just like you have … married women … divorced women …single women …), you be very happy with the results.

(I also suggest this related article on help for an unfulfilling marriage when you’re up against should I leave or stay when you see signs of a bad-relationship.) 

To understanding men,

James Nussbaumer

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