Easily Discover to Manage Depression and Anxiety

Well, you’ve chosen to start treating your depression. Do not be afraid, tips on dealing with depression are here! A fantastic tip that can help you out of your anxiety, is to simply spend more time in nature. When it comes to depression, Nature has remarkable healing qualities. Being out and about in nature will […]

Negative Core Beliefs Overcome – A Better Life Podcast – Living in the Now

Here we discuss letting go of negative core beliefs for personal transformation, and as limiting beliefs fade away moving on in life. Many self-help and personal growth professionals, life coaches, counselors and therapists will admit that true authentic forgiveness is overlooking the error in thought by going beyond it. This has actually been laid out […]

Negative Thinking Patterns Overcome by the Power of Presence

Lisa sought my advice for her negative thinking patterns after a recent Health Talk seminar where I spoke at a local hospital. Like many who suffer with chronic negative thoughts she was determined to learn how to develop a positive attitude. She had been going to different type of medical professionals and attempting different nutrition […]