About Meditation: How to Practice Mindfulness Meditation to Reduce Stress and Anxiety while Enhancing Concentration

Here you find all about meditation and a mindfulness practice I use to reduce stress and anxiety.

A basic definition of meditation, and an easy meditation technique is described.

Meditation is a group of psychological training techniques.You can use meditation to improve mental health and capacities.

Likewise to enhance physical health.

A few of these methods are extremely easy, so you can learn them from an article or a book; others need assistance by a certified meditation teacher.

I will suggest that you check out this 7 Minute Mindfulness practice which I use and which has helped many others.


First of all, what is meditation?

A lot of techniques called meditation include these elements:

1. You sit or lie in a relaxed position.

2. You breathe regularly. You take in deep sufficient to get enough oxygen.

When you breathe out, you relax your muscles so that your lungs are well cleared, but without straining.

3. You stop thinking about daily problems and matters.

4. You focus your thoughts upon some noise, some word you duplicate, some image, some abstract idea or some sensation.

Your whole attention ought to be pointed at the item you have selected to concentrate upon.

5. If some foreign thoughts creep in, you simply stop this foreign idea, and return to the things of meditation.

The various meditation techniques differ according to the degree of concentration, and how foreign thoughts are handled.

By some strategies about meditation, the goal is to focus so extremely that no foreign thoughts take place at all.

In other techniques, the concentration is more relaxed so that foreign thoughts easily pop up.

When these foreign ideas are discovered, one stops these and goes back to the pure meditation in an unwinded way.


Meditation has the list below effects:

1. Meditation will provide you rest and recreation.

2. You learn to relax.

3. You learn about meditation to concentrate much better on issue fixing.

4. Meditation typically has an excellent result upon the blood pressure.

5. Meditation has helpful impacts upon inner body processes, like respiration, digestion and blood circulation.

6. Regular meditation will have a psychotherapeutically effect.

7. Regular meditation will help with the immune system.

8. Meditation is typically enjoyable.

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Hypnosis might have some of the exact same relaxing and psychotherapeutic impacts as meditation.

However, when you meditate you are in control yourself; by hypnosis you let some mechanical device or some other individual control you.

Hypnosis will not have a training impact upon the capability to focus.

By learning hypnosis many people learn to attract what they want. If you want to learn more about hypnosis and the law of attraction for creating the life you want check out this video here.


Here is an easy form of meditation. By this meditation method, you must focus in a simple way.

1. Sit in an excellent chair in a comfy position.

2. Unwind all your muscles as well as you can.

3. Stop considering anything, or a minimum of try not to think of anything.

4. Breath out, relaxing all the muscles in your breathing apparatus.

5. Repeat the following in 10 – 20 minutes:

— Breath in so deep that you feel you get enough oxygen.
— Breath out, unwinding your chest and diaphragm completely.
— Every time you breathe out, believe the word “one” or another easy word inside yourself.

You should think about meditation the word in an extended way, therefore that you hear it inside you, but you should try to prevent utilizing your mouth or voice.

6. If foreign ideas come in, just stop these thoughts in an unwinded manner, and keep on concentrating upon the breathing and the word you repeat.

As you proceed through this meditation, you must feel gradually more unwinded in your body and mind.

Likewise, feel that you breathe gradually more effectively. This is which the blood circulation throughout your body gets more effective.

You might also feel about meditation an increasing psychological enjoyment throughout the meditation.


As any kind of training, meditation might be overemphasized so that you get tired and worn out.

Therefore you need to not practice meditation so long or two concentrated that you feel tired or mentally emptied.

Meditation might in some cases give problems for people struggling with mental diseases. It might be, epilepsy, major heart issues or neurological illness.

On the other hand, meditation might be of assistance in the treatment of these and other conditions.

People experiencing such conditions must take a look at what results the different kinds of meditation.

I mean on their own sort of health problems, before beginning to practice meditation. As well, beware if they pick to begin to practice meditation.

It might be a good idea to discover meditation from a skilled instructor, psychologist or health employee.

Ones that utilize meditation as a treatment module for the actual illness.

In other strategies, the concentration is more unwinded so that foreign ideas easily pop up.

When these foreign thoughts are discovered, one stops these and goes back to the pure meditation in an unwinded manner.

Hypnosis might have some of the exact same relaxing and psychotherapeutic results as meditation.

I hope you get involved with a simple kind of meditation as I do. By this meditation method, you ought to concentrate in an easy manner for a better life.

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To a happy and peaceful life,

James Nussbaumer

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