Abundance and Prosperity is Your Right By Choosing Now to Attract Wealth into Your Life

According to Wallace Nettles and Napoleon Hill abundance and prosperity is your right in this world because you desire it.

It is feasible that the meaning of wealth is the unlimited and complimentary use of all the important things.

Yes, which may be essential for you to advance in the direction of your aspirations and dreams.

This takes GUTS or GRIT to keep on pressing forward!

It’s also about attaining your fullest mental, spiritual, and physical success by learning to manifest wealth.

You have a right to attract wealth since it is merely a desire for you to have a richer fuller and plentiful life.

Numerous people see abundance and prosperity as greed.

Paradoxically, hardship can and will frustrate your relationships with the spirit, people, and those you enjoy.

If you are contented, remain where you are and do not exercise your skills. If you want more out of life, consider some keys to prosperity and abundant wealth.

The world is plentiful with resources and the means to manifest wealth.

You do not require: huge amounts of assets to begin, unique skills, or the perfect business location. Many people attract wealth and prosperity without much monetary value. 

Creativity, development, and abundance will go to the individuals who accept life and not reject it.

Keep in mind this spiritual metaphysical principle from A Course in Miracles: “The miracle calls your ancient name, which you will recognize because the truth is in your memory.”

The last 100 or so years has revealed more life enhancements that the last few thousand  years of civilization.

We now consider the first secret of life and for abundance and prosperity.

If you just accept the following declaration, this key to success can be yours. Just take it as reality, and the world will begin to move with you.


You bring forth your desires, you think it will happen, and you retrieve and get your chances from the universe.

As a guideline, we humans originate thought that becomes strategies of the mind. Man can interact his focused idea and mental images throughout the universe.

Your mind is the center of being.

The presence of  universal spirit must be uncovered in your mind from fear and doubt trying to be in control.

Likewise, your ideas mixed with a sincere heart directed toward your inner presence can forecast into the world.

These concepts will send off into the world like a letter of demand for abundance and prosperity.

The desires you have will be met if practiced. Do not focus on or speak of failure or poverty. Your fact is health, riches, success, and joy.

The universe wants you to manifest your desires and have all that you deserve while in this world.

Your desires should be moved by love, appreciation, faith, confidence, mental focus, and reality. As well, approval, creativity, favorable expectation, clear planning, and to attract wealth.

It’s about offering more love and value than you take.

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Visualize and clarify in you mind exactly what you desire and how you will achieve it. Individuals will quickly not recognize your brand-new outlook and serenity.

Remember, that you must exercise this psychological picturing and thankfulness every day.

Begin now by exercising the power of visualization for at least thirty-two days, and then it will become a habit.

Do not be terrified of abundance and prosperity, or be ashamed to ask for more than you need.

Hardship and self sacrifice are not pleasing to anybody.

Our inward self knows there is a universal spirit of which unrestricted abundance circulating.

We make the extensive connection to the spirit by establishing a strong feeling of gratitude for the gifts we get.

Can you have joy with a bitter heart? Can you have real faith when you are unappreciative? I don’t believe so.

If you want to feel that all is possible, then keep reading.

Remember times when you got exactly what you desired and became conceited.

After you got what you got or wanted out of a jam, you deserted your connection to spirit.

When advantages occur to you is the EXACT time that you should practice having a grateful heart. I mean to continue the circulation of wealth and prosperity.

Gratitude resolves doubt, keeps you connected, and prevents dissatisfaction. Continue to fix your attention on health, love, success, and manifesting the life you want.

Your faith will be restored; it might not take place over night. But right after practicing this easy few minute a day practice, you WILL see and feel results.

If you have difficulty with certain negative triggers, then remove them or avoid them for a while. You are dealing with yourself.

And it is OK to look after your well-being initially which will find happiness all around you. This is putting your health initially; i.e. your spiritual health.

Your desires and mental blueprint need to be very specific for how to attract money for your life purpose.

For instance, you may write out on a piece of paper an individual agreement to yourself:

I, Jane or James Doe, will have the necessary resources for my mission in 3 years from today. I will offer the finest service and value to my customers.

People will be thankful to pay me for my services due to the fact that they benefit the customer.

Invest each day pondering, for example, the million dollar organization.

Form a joyful mental image of you being paid in full, say, TWO MILLION DOLLARS FOR THE BUSINESS at that very moment of completing the transaction.

You must engage life to protect every day little successes with faith and action. After psychologically visualizing your vision and reading will begin to manifest wealth.

Paradoxically, poverty can and will annoy your relationships with the spirit, individuals, and those you enjoy.

Abundance, innovation, and creativity will go to the individuals who embrace life and not decline it.

Your desires of abundance and prosperity should be propelled by love. 

Yes, and just as well with sincere gratitude, faith, self-confidence, and inward psychological focus. 

Additionally, reality, approval, imagination, favorable expectation, clear preparation, and providing more love and value than you take.

Brainstorm by psychologically visualizing and clarify in you mind exactly what you want and how you will achieve it.

As you see results taking place and the necessary resources are finding you, remain connected to spirit.

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To manifesting the life you want,

James Nussbaumer

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