What Am I Afraid Of? The Atonement for Undoing Being Afraid of Life

When you ask yourself, what am I afraid of?, it doesn’t always mean that your fears are controlling you. Many individuals are afraid of life and afraid of people, and this keeps them from taking action on their goals and dreams. Being afraid of life often leads to dead ends.

Surely as humans we will at times have our fears, but if we can see beyond fear by overlooking it we are undoing what is trying to keep us stuck, and in this undoing process we learn to experience miracle manifestation.

You become successful in your own right. You never need to ask yourself, what am I afraid of?  You become at-one with your inner-value. You are divine.

This is another reason why I urge you to regularly practice mindfulness meditation for reaching your inner Self.

Think about the ways we walk toward love as we look for it, still hating it and terribly afraid of how it may treat us. And then we ask, what am I afraid of?

Or are we really afraid of life and what we are capable of making of it, or creating of it?

Do we fear success?

Answering this question within yourself can be an advancement to love’s meaning and a way to leave behind the illusions that have you surrounded.

But if we revert to illusion our being afraid of people and afraid of life only increases.

 Being Afraid of Life

Let’s be real here for a moment. 

Don’t you really know the truth about yourself, and isn’t it solid in rock, rather than of sand? Yes, you do, and this is why at times you may harp on yourself and say what am I afraid of?

When we are able to share the fearless truth with a brother/sister who may be frightened, we are holding his/her hand in the chain of Atonement of Christ, or we may more easily understand atonement as the awakening process by undoing what never was, and our fears of it.

The Course in Miracles states, “Heaven is restored to all the Sonship through your relationship, for in it lies the Sonship, whole and beautiful, safe in your love.”

Think of it this way: at-one-ment, as in our awakening and return to the Oneness within God.

With this chain of minds linked together, we can confidently say this is our connection or our link with Jesus, our Model for One-mindedness and our elder brother leading the way in the reawakening process. 

See the Atonement as uniting with the awakened Christ as God’s whole Child within His whole Mind. And, again, mindfulness meditation can help you see this light.

Being Afraid of People Ends

In this state of mind we may more easily put an end to being afraid of life, and never having to scold yourself again by saying: what am I afraid of? It’s how the world’s most successful icons think!

Jesus entered the dream of life for the purpose of resurrecting as Christ, which gave us the direction for leaving the illusions of the ego-mind behind, and opening our eyes to our own awakening from the dream.

But remember, Jesus was able to manifest the Holy Spirit through right-mindedness, on to One-mindedness, where He experienced Himself as Christ. 

He shows us the same path with the same ability He had while on this earth—or I should say, while living amongst us in the dream of separation.

Also keep in mind that the period from His birth to bodily death to the present day, which we call two thousand years of time, is only an instant or less, as time is only of the dream. 

In true Reality where time does not exist, behind the projection screen, time and space and the material world do not exist.  Here is why we never need to be afraid of life.

But the Holy Spirit uses time while we dream, for the process of reawakening.

Atonement of Christ

The Course in Miracles helps us see that Jesus lives on in the Christ-Mind and is at the beginning of the Atonement of Christ a procession line in union, leading us to the altar where we awaken as a whole. 

The altar is where God stands as One-Mind for us to awaken to and realize. 

It’s the power of your mind!

Right now the Oneness of Mind surely is there; it’s just that part of it sleeps. And is this part in us that asks: what am I afraid of?

It’s when we lose our faith in this process that we slip back into darkness. 

This occurs due to our bodily focus—in other words, our unwillingness to look beyond—and the result is the projection of the body as who we are. 

The Course in Miracles asks us to contemplate life here on earth by this question: “Does not a world that seems quite real arise in dreams?”

The bodily image allows us to temporarily remain a projection, and is why we ask at times: what am I afraid of?

When we can learn to see beyond this projection without fear, we see Christ in ourselves.  This is our holiness

It only requires our desire for the truth of who we are. 

Let me ask you one question.  Truthfully, now: How do you see yourself?

How you answer this just may set you free for success, or imprison you in fear.

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To undoing your fears of life,

James Nussbaumer

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