Alcohol or Drugs Not the Answer for your Fears and other Problems in Life

Certainly you must be aware that alcohol or drugs not the answer to fix or heal your struggles in life.

Trying to feel better with drugs and alcohol are not the responses to your issues.

They may make you feel much better for a while however eventually you will need to face your worries and anxieties.

In the meantime, here are some reasons drugs and alcohol are not the responses to your issues.

Consider this spiritual metaphysical lesson from A Course in Miracles:

  • “Lead us not into temptation” means: Recognize your errors and choose to abandon them by following your true inner Guide—your Teacher of the real You. 

Of course, alcohol or drugs not the answer but only threaten your health.

Individuals die from abusing and using drugs alcohol.

They do nothing for your short term or long-term health. No matter what you think, drugs and alcohol do nothing but add more issues.

Preventing your worries and your issues are not the responses. Eventually, you will have no option but to confront your worries and tensions.

Conserve and heal yourself of the anxiety and distress.

Yes, and confront your problems now rather than later on. Do not delay what you can do today.

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When you decide to face your worries, you will start to learn how to handle your worries.

As time goes on, you will progress in dealing with your stress and anxieties. With some perseverance, it will just be a matter of time before you find the responses to your issues.

Get professional aid to help you with this procedure of you feeling better.

There are numerous professionals out there who can help you in dealing with your stresses. There is absolutely nothing incorrect with requesting support and making excuses will not assist your situation.

Be determined to resolve your problems and troubles in life.

Alcohol and drugs can make your issues even worse. They just include more problem and make things more complex.

Dealing with your worries is difficult enough. Why would you want to include more problems to what is already there? Be smart and tackle your fears one at a time.

Remember; alcohol or drugs not the answer to your issues.

Get the aid you learn and require to deal with your scenario are the finest methods in managing your worries.

Just like many researchers and professionals will advise, using drugs and alcohol are not the answers to your issues.

In the meantime, learn more why drugs and alcohol are not the responses to your problems.

Preventing your fears and your problems are not the answers. Drugs and alcohol can make your problems even worse. Remember; drugs and alcohol are not the responses to your problems.

How to begin overcoming anxiety and fear of being alone and live the life you want:

All my best,

James Nussbaumer

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