Assertive Communication Skills with a Focus Meditation Gives for Success in Life

Today let’s look at a few steps to assertive communication skills. It’s where you can leave guilt behind you when you must make a change of plans. 

Too often when others count on us we have poor communication when it comes to doing what is best for you. 

We’ll also discuss active listening as a skill learned inwardly from the focus meditation requires.

Using meditation regularly for success in life helps you to learn how to connect with others when needed.

In a recent Master-Mind webinar a woman after just having her fifth child (Joanne) mentioned:

“Once again it’s the first Sunday of the month where in-laws and other extended family anticipates me to prepare my usual pot roast supper. But, I am just too exhausted; what should I do?”

I suggested, “Why not inform them how you truly feel?” 

“Because they count on me and I do not want to dissatisfy them.  I always feel guilty if I don’t come forth with what is anticipated of me.”

Absence of assertive communication skills such as this amongst relatives is the root of much dispute.

As well, hurt and misconceptions whenever of the year might be particularly so during typically relied upon occasions.

Joanne’s problem prevails: she wants to prevent and be a great person with members of the family.

But, in doing so, she feels resentment and other negative feelings when she is overwhelmed. Or feels others are making the most of her.

Regrettably, a failure to be emotionally truthful and direct with individuals we care about can have long-reaching unfavorable repercussions.

Failure to interact often sends out the wrong message about you. I’m saying, in what you need and how others need to react to you.

Keep in mind this lesson from the Course in Miracles:

  • The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking. 

The Elephant in the Room

The late Wayne Dyer often referred to the elephant in room at one of his conferences which I thought was wonderful.

assertive communication skills

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When you have unexpressed sensations towards another, it resembles you are resting on a couch with an elephant between you.

Wayne Dyer wanted us to see that, neither wants to acknowledge the elephant. However its presence serves as a barrier to genuine extension of self.

Eventually, the elephant obstructs of favorable sensations between you and the other individual.

Assertive communication skills is the art of speaking in an affordable tone with excellent eye contact.

It’s based on utilizing “I” messages (instead of “you” or blaming messages) while clearly stating your feelings, demands and requirements.

Assertive interactions invite listeners to work toward mutually satisfactory resolution of conflicts or issues. Sure, without appointing blame or offense.

Offensive versus assertive

Keep in mind: you won’t anger individuals if you adhere to communicating your sensations, instead of informing others what they must– or should not– do!

A Few Steps to Success

There are some parts to effective assertive interaction – Here is the formula:
I feel ___________ when __________ since ________. I require ___________.

Step:  “I feel” Start by revealing how you feel about the habits. Stick to one of the five or 6 standard feelings: “I feel … overwhelmed, mad, hurt,” etc.

Examples: “I feel pressured to do something I actually can’t do this year,” and “It makes me feel taken benefit of.”

Step: “I require” This is the hard part for people like Joanne who feel guilty simply letting others (particularly family members) understand what their requirements are. “I require” has absolutely nothing to do with being self-centered.

Rather, it means giving listeners a clear signal of what you want them to do differently, so they have a chance to alter.

Examples: “I need for the dinner to be rotated amongst the family.” “If everyone will bring a dish, I’ll prepare the roast,” and “I require my sisters to come early and aid with the setup.”

Applying the Formula

Does the formula always work?

Of course not!

But it works a high portion of the time and it provides you a much better tool to handle situations than anger; which seldom accomplishes the wanted results.

Attempt various variations utilizing your own words if it doesn’t work at initially. And keep at it.

Since of previous recognized communication patterns, people frequently don’t right away react differently to your words.

Sincere Step: Constantly ensure your assertive communication skills has a sincere tone of honesty, clearness, reliability.

Likewise, regard towards the other and his or her opinions.

Expressive Step: “I feel.” Start by expressing how you feel about the behavior. Stick to one of the five or six fundamental emotions: “I feel … overwhelmed, upset, hurt,” and so on.

Next Step: “When”. What specifically bothers you about the behavior or situation?

Examples: “I feel forced to do something I actually can’t do this year,” and “It makes me feel taken benefit of.”

People frequently don’t immediately respond in a different way to your words due to the fact that of previous recognized interaction patterns.

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Next, I want to express how mindfulness meditation practiced regularly will give you strength in difficult situations.  

Why Mindfulness Meditation helps Communication Skills

If you’ve never meditated before, you may discover a guide to meditation to be useful. But the truth is that nothing is better than real life experience

Here’s another powerful lesson from the Course in Miracles to remember:

  • In a Universe where ‘like goes to like’ and ‘birds of a feather fly together,’ we attract to us that which we emanate. 

Obviously a guide to meditation can still assist you when you’re beginning. Many people believe video meditation guides are the very best method.

They tend to teach you the standard concepts of meditation in an easy-to-understand style.

But they also integrate other features that you can’t discover in books.

A number of these videos will include a guided meditation area, which can be vital when you are simply beginning.

One of the hardest things to do is to cultivate the calm, tranquil mind for always operating from within.

Yes, in that calm state of mind and disciplined internal focus that meditation requires becomes like a trained muscle with a body builder.

So when the time arrives that you need to make a decision others might not like, you will do just fine; and minus the guilt.

By utilizing a guided meditation, you are able to get much further than you usually would as a novice.

This is why a video or audio guide to meditation can be so helpful.

Assertive communication skills and the focus meditation requires may easily lead you to success in life.

More here on tapping the power within you with a set of headphones

Of course, the very best guide to using meditation for calmness of mind is what’s most comfortable for you. 

A teacher may be there to address any concerns on meditation, and to deal with any unforeseen issues that may come up.

Here’s a wonderful few minute meditation practice that I highly suggest that’s helped many.

Obviously, it may be harder to find a great meditation instructor helping you tap into assertive communication skills than an excellent guide to meditation.

You can read a guide to meditation and choose if you like it or not. However figuring out whether a teacher is good at what he or she does make take you much a lot longer.

Another problem is that meditation teachers tend to charge a large amount for the classes that they teach.

This might place their services out of your variety.

Luckily, in numerous locations it is possible to take meditation classes for a low charge. Or absolutely nothing at all. If it is a choice, I advise this.

Of course, the very best thing to do is just get started.

Of course, it may be harder to discover a great meditation instructor than an excellent guide to meditation.

You can check out a guide to meditation for how it gets you that state of mind where assertive communication skills are realized.

Final Note on Better Communication Skills:

Failure to interact with assertive communication skills often sends out the wrong message about you. It’s why and how mindfulness meditation can help.

Because that happens from within you, and is what meditation is all about.

Sure, and choose if you like it or not. But figuring out whether an instructor is excellent at what he or she does make take you much longer.

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To a peaceful life of success,

James Nussbaumer

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