Be Happy in Life and Healthy Way of Living through Normal Aging Process

Let’s look at how to answer your questioned thoughts about how to be happy in life, while not fretting over the normal aging process.

Likewise, leading a healthy way of living that’s right for you. 

I received messages from a recent webinar for the Master-Mind Challenge about this issue. Quite a few suggested and asked that I write some shorter articles here at my blog.

Another commented that many of my long articles on topics like a happy life, success and all that, are very interesting.

But, she asked, can I write shorter articles, too, while still having longer articles?

Okay, so, that said, let’s move on about to be happy in life. 

Do you want an easy way to to lead the way for healthy way of living?

Well today, I am excited to introduce you to a few tools I use to surrender the ego-analysis going on in my mind.

You know, where the ego-based mind built on fear doubt and more of the like, thinks it is in charge. 

I promised you that I was going to release what I like best so that you might integrate your thinking.

Like perhaps being happy in life.

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With that note let me add something I read from the late Wayne Dyer.

He said that in his move years ago to Maui, Hawaii… his biggest moving expense was his own personal self-help library.

It was Wayne’s huge collection over the years he needed to take with him from those other authors who intrigued him to keep looking deeper.

(Also, look at another article here on: there is no way to “stop the tick-of-time,” there are ways to avoid indications of aging. I mean as you get older embracing your newer wonderful appearance.)

Isn’t it funny that no matter what age we are we worry so much about aging?

Okay, let’s look a few be happy in life suggestions:

She calls this her free ‘ Be happy in life Kit ‘ to more clearly understand the power of within you.

Now, of course, let me say, I urge you to get my books, too. But I also realize that I don’t have all the answers.

But as well, dealing with seeking a healthy way of living,  and the normal aging process I just love this free e-book on reflection principles.

Thereby, my encouraging point to you is, if you’re looking for that big break in life and so much more…

…To be more successful, have the healthy way of living, and enjoying the normal aging process, that choice is up to you.

Measures for staying vibrant in how to be happy in life are crucial. 

Sure, to help keep the mind focused is easy to do.

But, also, as well, with the normal aging process that you hold onto. 

Yes, and exercised are types of mindfulness meditation for going inward and bringing forth your best.

Or yoga for many accomplishments, like weight-loss and as well a more youthful feeling which I just love.

Sure, and just as well to include learning reflection principles for manifesting the life you want.

Now, let me add about why your sleep pattern might be keeping you depressed and stressed out.

Why your lack of sleep is killing you. A recent survey showed that far too many of us, one in three, suffer from poor sleep.

It’s with stress, computers and taking work home often blamed.

So today, move forward and learn how to go within yourself to bring out your very best.

These are just my suggestions about some of the techniques I take advantage of in only what we project to be fearful world.

When you accept and clearly understand healthy way of living, and, while embracing the normal aging process, you will win.

I mean win in your own right by living your true free will.

Isn’t your true free will all about living a life of purpose and passion? Of course, with so much enthusiasm no matter what age?

I believe so!

All right, let me say this in an old fashioned way but least understood, by asking: who has control of your life other than you?

(I’d also like you to see another related article on: there are far too many people today far too skeptical of how to manifest anything including the life they want.) 

To life in this world as the real vibrant you,

James Nussbaumer

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