Can This Marriage be Saved? Healing Danger Signs in Relationships

Have you ever thought deeply over, can this marriage be saved? I mean, have you ever started seeing the danger signs in relationships and didn’t know what to do next?

Yes, your love relationship or marriage certainly can be saved, and this is why it’s never too late to seek how to save a relationship

This is why it’s so vital that you have the right tools and techniques.

First, let me share some words from the Course in Miracles that you may use in prayer or meditation, and to help you heal within so your outer life follows.

It goes like this:

  • I choose the feelings I experience, and I decide upon the goal I would achieve.

(Below is a brief video I posted to YouTube the next morning following an intense webinar I held on a better marriage and healing the danger signs in relationships.)



When serious about saving unhappy relationships, there’s no better time to consider the chemistry in relationships and to take action, but you have to commit to living the life you truly want.

Otherwise, you will be seeking divorce advice if you don’t do something about the danger signs in relationships you’re seeing in your own situation.

Perhaps it’s women’s confidence, or the men, too, but it can be fixed so you may live the life you want, and not what you don’t want always haunting you.

Follow this strategy and if you ever wanted a better marriage it just might take some better life skills which you can attain for dealing with the challenges that face you and the marriage.

Then with that commitment in your heart, right there, the right path for answering to, can this marriage be saved, you’ll find healing will come your way.

There has never been a better time to put an end to the heartache of, can this marriage be saved.

You can rebuild the happiness and close connection, and answer to, can this marriage be saved, thanks to the life-changing techniques that available for those who truly want to heal the relationship.

(Here is a related article on if your spouse says, ‘I have fallen out of love with you,’ don’t panic, but it is time to get help for how to save a marriage in crisis.) 

To saving your relationship,

James Nussbaumer

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