Create a Great Life Now by Understanding the Inner Laws of Living a Full Life

It is your inner projections that makes a scenario unfavorable or available so you may easily create a great life.

A scenario like success in your life does not drag you down or raise you up. However the manner you assume or project images regarding it does.

In a recent Master-Mind Challenge webinar about living a full life, I was asked to explain a bit about what it really means to go within oneself.

The particular session was about when you’re hounding yourself over thoughts of, ” I need help with my life.”

Adverse ideas are ammunition against you in the war against yourself. These ego-based doubts built on fear and doubt are boobytraps on the journey to living at full potential.

The opposite is additionally exciting and real for how to create a great life.

You reflect an image of future success on the theater screen of your mind. Yes, I mean if you continually and deliberately support favorable ideas and views on life.

Keep in mind as you absorb this article for it’s worth to you this spiritual metaphysical principle from the Course in Miracles:

  • “How happy would your dreams become if you were not the one who gave ‘proper’ role to every figure which the dream contains.”

There’s never really a finishing point, or an ending, when your projected images are based on the extensions of your purpose. That’s right. I am speaking about your projections in the dream matching your true free will.

They are always of new beginnings and endings.

This can be seen as cause and effect as the paint brush to your life portrait. That is, until at such time the ego is totally obliterated, and so will time.

Have you ever been involved with something so deeply and it seems so real, to where time appears to be non-existent? Or, you know, just “flies by?”

This is the limitless, create a great life, nature, of what is real within you.

You can acknowledge this as communication with your inner Guide–the Holy Spirit, keeping you connected to your Source.

What all of this means for living a full life is that when the real you from behind the dream, wants to direct the dream, you can project it to be to your liking, or, wanting.

Surely your ego which thrives on doubt and fear is asking, how is this possible? Because, the real you doing the dreaming is of the Mind of God.

Remember, your thoughts that are real are not separate at all from God’s.

You are just wrong-mindedly thinking so. Likewise, which is the “consequence” of the separation (beginning of time) long ago as time understands it.

Think about it:

The tasting of the projected “apple” which Eve, also a projection, thought she took a bite from, is an unreal cause humankind as a whole “dreamed-up.” Yes, giving it the effect of guilt.

The effect and the guilt are both unreal. A dream!

Try to see when your thoughts wish to be separate from what you are connected to, they cannot be real. How could they be?

They can’t so go ahead and create success in your life while the rest of humankind as a whole continues to dream. Others will eventually follow by your example.

Isn’t this what Jesus did for us? And asked us to do for others?

I’d like to ask you a question about what you see as the secret of success in life.

As well, let’s consider in certain and particular successful others who seem to know how to create a great life.

Are you not envious when you see someone living a full life and doing what it is they absolutely love to do?

Your envy is the Holy Spirit alerting you of your desire to do the same. But any jealousy is an attack sort of thought, though, by the ego only holding you back in life. 

You will have all the Divine Support without the fears and doubts you could ever ask for backing you. It’s called true cause and effect.

It’s the means for you to create a great life as you want without wishing. This is the miracle.

It is the projection you are supposed to have as it is your intent, while you dream of time and space.

It is the “purpose” discovered in the separation which we discussed in detail in my first book of the series titled, The Master of Everything.

The purpose is that you awaken to the fact that you are not separate from your Source, God.

This idea gives you the power and the knowledge to create a great life. Just as well, helps others see their true light as you will have done.

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In the next section let’s see more about the creation relationship within you, and an exercise for going within to create a great life. 

Your Source Gives You What You Want for Living a Full Life

There certainly is a cause and effect relationship going on within you that helps you to increase self-confidence. It explains why you cannot fail in your efforts to achieve a life that you want to live.

Not what you wish for, but what you truly want. It doesn’t need to be wished for. In fact, wishing is the worst thing you can do.

Here’s why:

By wishing, you are opening the door for the ego, and welcoming its fear and doubt and other negative traits in as a part of your life. Also, thinking it is who and what you are.

But your true wanting will allow you to see your truest free will because it is the Will of God. It is in His Strength to increase self-confidence, and not of your own self-made strong hold.

Your true power is in His Will and this is where your wanting comes from. It’s God’s gift to you rather than your own, which offers inner vision to you.

The extension of God is indeed your strength, and what He gives is truly given. Nor is it some fantasy wish that has come true.

Falsity, such as fantasy wishes can never be true for living a full life.

But what is true now has always been true and must always be the same. Truth doesn’t change.

This means you can receive His Strength as yours at any moment anywhere, wherever you are, and in whatever situation or circumstance you find yourself in.

Your passage through time is not at random. You are always in the right place at the right time and for the right reason.

This is how the strength of God reveals His Gifts, even when things don’t seem so bright, like it had been for me being in prison for eight long years.

Perception is a result from our physical senses and is not an aspect of God.

His is the realm of knowledge, and in this is how we increase self-confidence and get divine Guidance to the notions of, ‘ I need help with my life.’

But He has created a spirit of Himself which includes us. His Holy Spirit acts as Mediator for us individually between perception and knowledge. A link, if you will.

The Course in Miracles states: 

  • “The Holy Spirit is invisible, but you do see the results of His Presence, and through them you will learn that He is there.”        

Without this link to God, perception would have replaced knowledge in our minds forever.

On the other hand, by having this Link available to us, perception will become so changed and purified that it leads us to knowledge.

That is its function, perceptions and projections shifted permanently to knowledge and, a function in Truth.

This true reality is your secret of success in life.

In God we do not physically see at all because perception has no function in God. It does not exist. He is only knowledge, and for God to have perceptions would mean He has doubts.

Your real mind has vision, but not eyesight.

Yet, in salvation, which really is the undoing of what never was from our minds, such as, our separated thought where perception does, indeed play an important role in the scheme of things.

It becomes the beginning step as the means to move knowledge forward in the mind.

Perception itself is not knowledge. In itself and by itself, perception has no real meaning.

However, the Holy Spirit will give it a meaning very close to God’s knowledge. This is so that you can begin healing the fragmented and split apart mind.

Or, let me say, the mind that dreams it is split off from its Source.

The healed perception becomes the means by which the Son (Child) of God can forgive the dreaming part of himself.

He/she, all brothers/sisters, as the whole Son of God, forgives by overlooking the dreams and looking beyond it to the real Oneness of the Son, with God.

In wholeness, you and I and everyone are within the Oneness of our Source.

We cannot see apart from God, because in reality we are not separate or apart from Him. Whatever it is we truly will to do, or want to do, we do within Him.

This is why and how we only truly think real certain thoughts with His Mind.

If your vision (which is your real strength) is real, and I mean real to the extent where it shares the Holy Spirit’s purpose, then no one can see apart from God.

This now leads us to the following exercise for going within to create a great life:

This will begin helping you open the inner vision to your Divinity.

Try using the following thought in the form of meditation or prayer. Be casual with this as you sense these words being part of who you are.

  • God is my Source, and I cannot truly have real vision separate from Him

Once this thought has absorbed within you, take a look around at what is happening in your life. Try to understand that where you are now is for a reason, but with new promises that this time is real.

Next, you can be a bit specific, as I’d done while I was in prison where my book series was born.

For example, as I glanced around at the volatile and often violent din of the cell block,  I’d say to myself:

  • God is my Source, and I see my release from prison as being a part of Him. Then I might add: God is my Source, and my vision as part of His helps me to see this book I’m writing to benefit other individuals.

Be sure to select something that concerns you about a stage or place you are in now.

Something that you are aware of needing change or perhaps to increase self-confidence, while realizing He does need your commitment to change.

Then once you’ve shown Him your intended direction, you may want to add a somewhat shorter thought to the whole process, like:

  • My inner vision is through the eyes of wholeness, I “want” this change to begin now.

You will want to make sure that you understand that more importantly than any words you may say or think about, is that God is your Source, and you cannot have true vision separate from Him.

If you can begin to see the world through this vision, you will begin to see cause and effect, as one, taking place all around you.

Remember, true cause and effect is the relationship you have with a successful life.

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To your best life ever,

James Nussbaumer

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