Create your Reality – It’s How to Reach your Goals and Dreams

What most people don’t realize and accept is that goals and dreams need a constant stream of real consciousness—natural creative thought, to create your reality. To push or force a goal by wishing for a dream to come true is to believe in fantasy.

This continuous pressing by wishing for your goal to be achieved is likewise a detriment to achieving the dream itself.

Goals are synthetically produced by the mind and supported by principles and beliefs in order for them to work.

If you remove the ideas and beliefs that create your reality you will give them no foundation to live and they will evaporate in no time.

How does this look like in practice?

Let’s presume you have an objective to lose weight.

As you might currently know, it is necessary to set your objectives precisely. Let’s state you want to lose 15-20 pounds over the next 2-4 months, beginning today.

This objective needs a foundation to work.

You have to have some sort of motivation that motivates you to do this.

Let’s look at some reasons why you might create your reality and accomplish this:

1.) You naturally want to look appealing and be your best.

2.) You want to be attractive to your partner.

3.) You know your current weight is not a true reflection of who you are.

4.) You have real happiness in wearing your favorite dress or tight blue jeans again.

Thoughts Create Reality 

Whatever the factor is, you definitely need to have one, otherwise you won’t have the inspiration to create your reality.

And the simple act of beginning is the difficult part as you need to alter some of your normal habits and principles in life.

We all understand what a challenge making changes to your behavior and concepts can be!

A habit is rearranged in the physical domain, and ideas are changed in the mindful domain.

This double whammy of mindful and physical modification is exactly what makes a basic thing like weight-loss such a challenge to bring off effectively.

Effective objectives to create your reality always come from a corresponding change in the psychological domain.

Why is this?

Merely, it is due to the fact that your mind and your thoughts are what guides you. If you change just your habits, you will have only short-term success.

You Create your Own Reality

In time, you will fall back to your old pattern of habits – the exact thing you aimed to change upfront in order to create your reality of weight-loss!

So let’s assume you remain in the 2nd month of your weight loss goal and your partner leaves you. Exactly what happens to your objective about slimming down?

It does not work any longer, and it vanishes and evaporates into thin air. You simply took away the foundation and the inspiration for your goal.

As you can see, the issue with objectives is that they depend on life situations – and they are constantly required by psychological ideas.

How About Dreams?

Your dreams are powered by source, by the supreme power of consciousness.

Your dreams are the recognition of exactly what you can do with your distinct gifts and talents you have brought here to this material world.

Every person includes a distinct set of skills.

These talents result in a unique method of expressing themselves through numerous types of imagination.

This is why I urge you to learn breathing meditation, and perhaps yoga for healing, or the ever popular yoga for weight-loss.

Spiritual Inspiration

(Here’s how to get the life you want through the power of attraction principles.) 

Universal creativity is spiritual inspiration which is exactly what empowers everything behind all manifestation procedures to create your reality.

Periodically, we use distinct properties of this imagination in particular ways.

With this creativity you are able to serve other individuals and in return you create your own reality by being rewarded with a form of energy.

In our western civilization, the most typical benefit is often financial well-being, and this creative process through real consciousness is how successful people grow.

You must tap into your talents, gifts and inner strengths. You find ways to utilize them that mostly support and improve society.

You are in service to others.

By being in service in this method is life’s ultimate purpose.

Your dreams are powered by your unique imaginative capabilities. They are totally independent from mental ideas and powered by your real nature.

Your Goals and Dreams

Even on the worst day of your life, your goals and dreams still exist.

If you do not create your reality and live your dreams, it’s because you are constantly imprisoning them by wrong-minded ego-based psychological principles like:

  • I am too old to begin.
  • I don’t know how to do it.
  • Nobody will be interested in it.
  • When I do it, others may dislike me.

Below I have employed the words, “Wish,” and “Create.”

The word ‘wish’ being a wrong-minded ego-based false power, and the word ‘create’ is a right-minded powerful word from spiritual inspiration, and both these words to associate with your goals and dreams.

Wish is associated with fantasy, and Create with real and natural.

Wish must constantly be warranted, Create requires no reason.

Wish believes in magic, and Create in miracles.

Wish is a plea for something, where Create is natural awareness and ability.

Remember, people like you who create your reality and meet your goals and dreams, are the happiest individuals in the world.

They do exactly what’s in their nature, and it is completely irrelevant what kind of dreams you have.

Dreams do not have to suit anything and do not need any approval. They do not require any money to start.

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To a creative life,

James Nussbaumer

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