How to Enjoy Life when it seems Life is Difficult

How to enjoy life? Ever feel bummed out over crazy things and worrying over nothing when it seems that life is difficult? If we can look at the return journey to reawakening as the inner healing process of the split-mind, as well as healing of the guilt for the separation that plagues us, we may more easily learn how to enjoy life. 

When something has split away and then has returned to its original wholeness, it has been healed.

A Course in Miracles helps us see that anything which has been truly transformed has experience inner healing because it was meant to be whole and not separate. 

Consider when you have injured yourself, such as a cut to the skin that has scabbed over, and then cleared itself without scarring. 

The skin has become whole again and no longer separated, where it is exposed to germs. 

Healing As a Correction

In this sense we can say that the ego is the bacteria—our errors in thought, keeping the mind from inner healing where it seems that life is difficult.

A Course in Miracles states, “What can it be but arrogance to think your little errors cannot be undone by Heaven’s justice.”

While this process is taking place, are we really thinking about every aspect of the inner healing process? 

No, we’re not. 

But we can say that when we do heal in any form, it is the Thought of God slowly returning us to the original state of mind we can call Home. Realizing this is the answer to how to enjoy life.

Inner Healing

When you perceive yourself as sick, you are perceiving yourself as not being whole, thus being in need of something and can’t figure out how to enjoy life. 

If I also perceive you as lacking wholeness, meaning that I judge you poorly, then I must be without wholeness as well. 

The wholeness I speak of here is your totality, or Heaven, where sickness and separateness cannot abide. 


Because any separated thoughts are uncertain and are therefore not real.

So let go of uncertainty and what will remain is the certainty of a wonderful world and living life on your own terms filled with joy.

In The Master of Everything we deeply discuss…They are of time and space, which you project from your dream state of mind.  Heaven is both real and is certain, and is the Truth of all that exists. 

Uncertainty is not truthful, which means it can’t be eternal.

In this sense, then, to heal must be the correction of a wrong-minded perceived notion within yourself, and in me, by the communication of the Holy Spirit as the Link between our minds. 

This linkage is a creation shows us how to enjoy life by bringing us closer to that One-mindedness that is the eternal and infinite realm of wholeness. 

Our sharing the Holy Spirit as the Linkage places us both in Heaven. 

In book 2 the sequel you see why…Sharing of spirit reflects all of creation, because the links become no longer links at all and are unified as the whole One-Mind by the extension of each other and to each other. 

In this process we all extend and are receiving at the same time.  

What we project only seems to be real, and will one day be gone when time has ended.  But what we extend is not governed by time, and is real while time lasts and beyond. 

For instance, can I extend love to my daughter while she dreams in her sleep? 

Something that extends already exists in that very instant in which it is being extended, regardless of a dream state of mind. 

This is a law of the mind that has never changed, and never will.

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To inner healing,

James Nussbaumer

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