For Prosperity to Ring Free in You Let’s Review Confidence Achieving Goals

For prosperity in your life, can you answer that there are really ultimate tools for thought for your success? 

I mean, in your life and how you may achieve those goals you’ve been after so long?

Should there be some wealthy habits you are dead serious about inserting into your life here on Earth? 

As I write this on a Wednesday, which is a day “they say”, that gets us over the hump if your week has not been to good, I see a new dawn arising.

How about you?

I just love spiritual metaphysical thinking and is why I suggest you keep in the back of your mind this principle from the Course in Miracles:

  • “You may think that holiness is impossible to understand, because you cannot see how it can be extended to include everyone.”

Two months ago, I promised I would release an update to wealthy habits for prosperity.
I mean that will help you thrive more effectively for prosperity in your life.

Certainly, I mean, like how highly effective and successful people grow, that generates more happiness. Of course, too, more trust and confidence to achieving your goals.

Well today, I’m fulfilling that promise!

Anytime you do a search online, not only will it show you other posts that you can go to.

But it now shows you other relevant blog articles just like mine that are helpful for prosperity thinking.

That way you can do the, “Dowsing”, so to speak, for wealth creation and the abundant life you deserve.

Of course, I urge you to as well check out my article too, especially here, where better thinking habits are detailed.

So, check out what’s new with how successful people grow and let me know what you think.

Oh, and, BTW, if that article and another article gets at least 250 comments and 1,000 likes on Facebook, the same with Twitter, I will then feel obligated to write another article on: “What it really is that successful people of the ages thought about all day.”

So in review let’s see why your self-confidence is everything for prosperity in your life.

In many of my articles, and books I go really deep in to seeing why we all must tap into our real and natural inner power.

You hold the power that decides on the consequences of yourself. Not to mention those consequences which you assign to your brothers/sisters.

To create a better life by design makes you the Author of your story here on Earth.

I’m sure you’re asking, how do you give them their consequences?

You must remember, it is your dream of life here on Earth and you are assigning the projected images for yourself to see.


Or, how about how they may assist you with your heroic mission? Yes, again?

Try to look at life in this world for prosperity this way:

It is not the dream, but rather, it is the dreamer of the dream which pieces thoughts together.

In the reality behind the dream of material, space, and time surroundings, you are innocent, and at Home– Heaven, as the dreamer.

When you can see that the dream of life is about of what your separated mind has illusively caused, the miracle happens.

(Oh absolutely I also suggest another article here: for having what you want with great wealthy habits in how you think about success.) 

To success and happiness always,

James Nussbaumer

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And for a better life.

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