How to Attract Abundance and Prosperity Now by Uncovering it

It all begins by getting CREATIVE within. It’s best not to stick to the same old plan this year for how to attract abundance and prosperity, if you haven’t been able to remain focused on the objective.

Switch things up and just commit to investing 5-10 minutes, one day a week, searching the web and thinking of ways you can turn routine costs into savings.

Choose a particular dollar bill, for instance, a two or five or dollar expense, that you will separate and save for a unique purpose each time one winds up in your possession.

Or if you’re not ready to brown bag it at work, dedicate to drinking water every day with your lunch.

This idea to conserve about $2.00 a day over a whole week can be a great way to cover the expense of your lunch on Friday.

Pinpoint Financial STRESS

Not exactly sure where to focus your efforts for how to attract abundance and prosperity efforts?

Start by discovering where the best chance is by asking yourself, “What’s the one thing you don’t want anybody to learn about your present financial situation?”

The answer ought to concisely uncover and determine how to begin uncovering wealth and abundance that requires your most immediate attention.

(Here’s more about how his list of penny stocks helped but here’s more to his secret for success.) 

Think about investing

It’s getting increasingly more difficult to keep up with Joneses who continue to raise the perceived requirements of an excellent living.

Commit to a few dollars or so that you will not spend, but instead invest, in something like learning to watch all penny stocks, and here’s a suggestion if that interests you.

Learning about penny stock information can be fun and exciting and give you a sense of direction for increased goal setting.

By preventing compulsive spending, but rather passionate investing, you can conserve a lot of cash for continued growth.

Remember, don’t fall victim to the typical thoughts of lack or littleness simply because your plans for how to attract abundance and prosperity have not yet materialized.

Keep in mind that the Course in Miracles states, “The world can only be what you gave it, for being nothing but your own projection, it has no meaning apart from what you found in it and placed your faith in.”

How to attract abundance and prosperity is really not necessary because the real you is wealth and abundance.

You just need to begin uncovering the wealth and abundance already in you.

Learn how to picture it and then reflect it into your material world.  Not sure where to begin?

By the way get the Free e-book right here for how to learn the manifestation principles and a reflective state of mind.

Just uncover the wealth and abundance within you and allow it to shine forth as who you are.

Is this the way for how to become wealthy? I’ll let you decide.

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To uncovering wealth and abundance,

James Nussbaumer

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