Be Free to Find Truth Within to Answer: What am I going to do With my Life?

Being free to find truth does not indicate playing games with fantasy so that it may win and prove itself.

The games played by Truth are for fun, where real joy is extended and love is both given and received.

Illusions or fantasy fight against the truth, and can’t even initiate the game unless we fall prey to them.

When you’re free to find truth you don’t enter the game because the game is not real.

This is why at best all illusions can do is wage war among themselves. Therefore, so that one may be able to declare itself closer to the truth than the others.

This gives birth to more illusions and never free to find truth.        

Being already split and fragmented, illusory type thoughts fragment further and spread by splintering off its branch.

But the oneness of truth is far beyond their insane little reach.

Remember, it’s this simple. What is unreal can never touch the reality of your heart.

A Course in Miracles states:

  • “When you want only love you will see nothing else. The contradictory nature of the witness you perceive is merely the reflection or your conflicting invitations.”

Whatever it is that you know in your heart is free to find truth within you. It is realized once you’ve learned that what is real cannot be in conflict.

One illusion about yourself can think it battles with another. Yet the war between illusions is a state where nothing real ever presents itself.

No one wins, while although some – body may feel victorious.

Of course, in time that illusive feeling fades into oblivion. It becomes the past, because that’s where the past lives.

Truth and love as your Divine Light stays with you and never becomes a thing of the past.

This is the Christ in you.

You radiate opposite of conflict, untouched, and quiet in your unseparated whole mind, as light.

I have often been asked why I compare the real and the unreal to light and darkness.

Let’s look at light in a manner we can understand, such as the sun.

If what is real means something that is “genuine” and “authentic,” what more is there where light is concerned?

I mean other than the genuine authenticity of the sun’s light?

When the sun is blocked by whatever object that might be, it is blocked by something not substantial, non-lasting, or unreal.

However, when we sit in darkness you may say the dark in the room is real. But for the time being it only seems real.

The dark is only as real or unreal as the object blocking the light.

When the blockade is removed the light is there just as it always has been. The light never quit on you, it was simply blocked.

Therefore, what is real never leaves you, but the unreal tries to be real, “wishing “ so, by blocking the light.

In this sense only what is of God, eternally everlasting, can be real.

All else is unreal, and in the unreal is will you will never find the answer to: what am I going to do with my life?

But remember, you can choose to block out the light of true Reality and call it a dark life where you live in conflict.

Is there conflict when living in the dark? Sure, it’s in what blocks off your light.

When you live in the light of truth is where you find the answer to: what am I going to do with my life?

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To getting the life you want in truth,

James Nussbaumer

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