Gain Financial Freedom and Happiness by Facing the Snarling Ego Mind Head On

To gain financial freedom and happiness, I’m finding, means holding your true free will in your hand.

I mean then you simply drop the hounding of the fearful ego-based mind that’s been holding you back.

This is when you accept the power to request from the power of the universe what you want.

Let’s explore having a favorable mindset for positive results all throughout your life in this world.

It’s surprising just how much individuals request for what they don’t desire rather than what they do desire. It’s seems counterproductive to building self esteem, but it’s the way we are.

The majority of us do not even recognize that we’re doing it especially when trying too hard at how to build your confidence.

In this three part article we will start off by how your mind operates off of images and bring that projection to your material world.

Then in the second section we look at your self-esteem while believing in you over anything else!

In the final section I’ll discuss you must tell your inner critic to stop hounding you. I mean with all that negative dialogue.  

When you hear or see something, your mind offers with images, pictures in your mind. 

To gain financial freedom and happiness realize that your mind thinks in images.

People who have great lives think and talk about what they love more than what they don’t love. And people who are struggling, think and talk about what they don’t love more than what they do love.

The Universe runs on a fundamental and oh-so-wonderful principle.

The Course in Miracles has taught me so much about this inward power:

  • When you get really clear and honest about what you want, everything in the Universe conspires to help you get it. 

Even when we read something, we do not think about the written words in our mind. We equate those words into images.

Words like “no” and “not” do not alter the images they’re related to.

Telling somebody else (or yourself) to refrain from doing something creates the image of what you don’t desire. Yes, in your mind in addition to theirs.

How could it be otherwise?

For you it might be gaining wonderful financial freedom, and for others it maybe healing relationship issues.

Likewise, many are building confidence in fitness or effectively losing weight, or any other life challenging struggle.

To start with, to increase self-awareness is crucial. Start doing things that make you feel good within and effective. 

This point is crucial for self-esteem because we tend to move toward what we believe about.

We might not actively select our thoughts, but we will still tend to move toward them. I mean, even if we’re believing about what we do not want.

Imagine to gain financial freedom and happiness and what you can do if you know how to tap inner power. Yes, into the vast streams of knowledge the universe has in store.

Why not have that feeling of financial freedom each waking morning?

An example I use at my webinars and workshops is also the only little parenting guidance I’ll ever venture to offer.

(I don’t have the identity of who said it, but I concur with the belief expressed by: “Before I had kids, I had far-too-many theories of child rearing. Now I have far-too-many children and no theories.”). {har, har, chuckle, of course}

Okay, seriously now: As you ponder over how to build your confidence state what image do you have?

I mean in your mind, what images did you create in your mind long ago?

In the exact same method, “Don’t spill your hot coffee” is a command to spill it. Likewise,  saying it increases the possibility that you’ll get a result you don’t want.

You, in reality, asked for what you get in life.

How about this declaration: “Carry the hot coffee cup with a saucer carefully and securely using two hands.” What image does that develop?

The distinction is now you’ve asked for what you want, not what you don’t desire.

By doing so, you’ve dramatically improved your opportunities of getting an outcome you want.

You decide. Which style, requesting what you desire or requesting what you don’t desire, is more likely to yield results that please you?

Requesting for what you want is the way to go.

A lot of individuals ask for what they do not want. Listen with this in mind and you’ll hear all sorts of examples.

Now that you’re aware of this principle it will be fairly simple for you to alter to requesting what you desire. It’s a relatively little shift in mindset that pays big cumulative dividends.

At first, it may take a little effort to catch your negative demands. Sure, but quickly you’ll be requesting for what you desire.

You’ll discover the shift simple. It’s much more fun to believe about what you desire than the things you don’t want.

It’s surprising how many request to gain financial freedom and happiness, and receive it.

But again, far too many people ask for what they don’t desire rather than what they want.

I like this FREE video below making its rounds…I have learned to plot my future and fine tune my plans.

Photo imaging  with reflection helps, particularly in the areas of career, life transitions, and financial planning.

Telling someone else (or yourself) to not do something produces the image of what you don’t desire in your mind as well as theirs.

The distinction is now you’ve asked for what you want, not what you don’t want.

Which design, asking for what you desire or asking for what you don’t desire, is more likely to yield results that please you?

It’s much more enjoyable to think about what you want than the things you do not want.

Therefore, certainly is how how to build your confidence toward your objectives and goals.

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Next, let’s explore your self-esteem while believing in you!

Increase Your Self-Esteem to Gain Financial Freedom and Happiness

The late Wayne W. Dyer taught me great things through this profound message: The strongest single awareness is self-esteem: believing you can do it, thinking you deserve it, thinking you will get it.

Self-confidence describes how you feel and think about yourself.

These are ideas and feelings a person may have, might it be positive, unfavorable, or combined– about one’s self.

The more favorable these feelings and thoughts are, the higher your self-esteem will be.

Yes, and alternatively the more unfavorable these ideas and sensations are, the lower your self-confidence will become.

Yes, finally embrace true financial freedom!

Discover how you can effortlessly rewire your mind… And embrace true power over your financial destiny.  

It can likewise help make a person feel satisfied in a relationship.

Having an unfavorable self-perception, on the other hand, results in a distorted view of one’s self.

Those lacking thoughts leads to further absence of confidence, bad efficiency, and depression.

In current times, low self-esteem has actually been among the most popular and regularly conjured up mental explanations for social and behavioral problems.

Taking their cue from social analysts and media opinion leaders, individuals have been willing to accept.

I’m saying that a limited sense of self-regard lies behind just about every individual. As well social ill from substance abuse and delinquency to hardship and service failures.

The outcome on  how to build your confidence has been a big market for academic programs. Yes, and self-help content and such that truly do work well.

People who have a low self esteem rely greatly on their everyday efficiencies.

The positive external experience and supports help them to fight the unfavorable sensations that they have about themselves.

The Course in Miracles further teaches in many of its principles and lessons that:

  • In a Universe where ‘like goes to like’ and ‘birds of a feather fly together,’ we attract to us that which we emanate. 

These negative feelings really frequently problem the people with low self-esteem.

In some circumstances, sensations of insufficiency torture those who do not have sufficient confidence.

To gain financial freedom and happiness about themselves is about how people think.

Of course, too, and about what they can do.

There are lots of recognized methods to enhance one’s self-esteem. To enhance one’s self-confidence, it might be practical to practice self-improvement strategies.

Rebutting with love to the inner critic–a fearful dog, which keeps on sending out self-defeating messages is crucial.

Sure, practicing the art of self nurturing is where we’re heading next in this article.

The first and the most essential step to increase self esteem is to address the inner snarling dog. 

It’s called ego-based mind and you must order it to stop the vicious barking.

It is the ego-based mind of each of us that is unreal inner knowledge based on fear and doubt.

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In the final section let’s consider our ego-based inner talk built on fear and doubt.

The Inner ‘Hound Dog of Dialogue’ is Fearful of your Real Potential

Just like a snarling dog the ego-based in we humans will bark and growl at you out of fear and doubt.

When you face the ego head on and order it to stop it will not fight back. The ego is afraid of the real you who is all about being happy and successful.

In such a situation you need to applaud yourself. Facing the inner voice of fear regularly will keep the criticizing to minimum and eventually fade away.

The Course in Miracles explains this through this spiritual metaphysical principle:

  • “The projection of the ego makes it appear as if God’s Will is outside yourself, and therefore not yours. In this interpretation it seems possible for God’s Will and yours to conflict.”

Another important action that one needs to start on a way to a healthy self-confidence is that a person needs to nurture himself.

The most vital part of this action is begin treating yourself wonderful.

Sure, treat you as an individual who deserves a life of grandeur. Yes, and not the fear and doubt that comes from grandiosity.

The ego is grandiose, and cannot ever be of grandeur.

Without taking action on this universal intellect—or inner knowledge, you will continue to ask, does manifesting really work? Here’s how to make it work:

Seek out individuals who make you feel good. Remember that you get to pick your friends so why pass by individuals who think you’re terrific?

Both private and group counseling can help improve self-confidence.

Such treatment might consist of assertiveness training, interaction abilities, and learning to acknowledge and comprehend own emotional responses in relation to others.

Letting go of ego-based thinking will support you to gain financial freedom and happiness. 

Why? Because God’s Will for you is certainly NOT ego-based. How can it be when God has no ego?

Therefore, don’t shy away from treatment that may also begin increasing self-esteem. Group treatment is especially effective.

I’ve found some that assists to promote trust and develop relationships. Likewise, encourages a sense of belonging-components that are very important for building self esteem.

Low and bad self-confidence is often the result of bad or a wrong treatment that was experienced in the past.

You must start concerning yourself as a deserving person.

You need to be able to challenge negative experiences in the past and you should start loving yourself.

Attempt to alter yourself and reveal to the outside world that you are valuable, qualified, and a loveable individual.

Learn to establish high self-esteem and think you can do it, you deserve it, and you will get it.

The more favorable these ideas and sensations are, the greater your self-confidence will be.

As well, on the other hand the more unfavorable these ideas and feelings are, the lower your self-confidence will end up being.

In recent times, low self-esteem has been one of the most popular and frequently conjured up mental explanations for social and behavioral issues.

These unfavorable feelings extremely typically problem the individuals with low self-esteem.

Final Note on Gaining Happiness and Financial Freedom:

The snarling dog of the ego-based mind doesn’t want these tools to gain financial freedom and happiness where everything is available to us by letting go.

Thereby, this article may help lead you to gain financial freedom and happiness, and the life you want to live.

Poor and low self-confidence is often the result of bad or an incorrect mind programming that was experienced in the past.

Learn to develop high self-esteem and think you can do it, you deserve it, and you will get it.

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To the successful life you deserve,

James Nussbaumer

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