Gaining Abundance Today by Seeing an Atmosphere of Stability and Appreciation

Just about all of us are concerned about gaining abundance, but then sometimes we get lowered by thoughts of lack.

You may have heard the term “scarcity mindset”.

There’s no chance to phony COMMITMENT and INTEGRITY.

You must remain in INTEGRITY using a COMMITTED favorable vibration which the Laws of Abundance react to. Or, you’re OUT of INTEGRITY which develops a blended or unfavorable vibrations.

It’s what these laws of the universe can not overlook.

Here’s a real-life story which shows what takes place to our vibration when we are out of INTEGRITY.

Yes, but still concerned about gaining abundance.

I was down in the dumps extremely low after our training session the other day. On the other hand, actually thrilled about winning a reward pack from the the local technology store. 

After picking up my prize, I saw Spyware, an electronic device, and decided to go in and compare costs with an item.

Yes to compare with what I had just purchased from another technology store the other day. Spyware had the specific very same product on sale for $10.00 less so I purchased it.

I did so with the objective of returning the very first item to the other local technology store. 

With the precise same bar codes and product packaging when I compared the two products they were exactly the exact same.

Nevertheless, I observed the more affordable product had one wire a couple fractions much shorter than the more expensive product.

I made a decision to return the product with the shorter wire (the one purchased at Spyware) back to the local technology store. Sure, and keep the original product. Thus conserving $10.00 but keeping the better product.

After the clerk had actually finished all the documentation I felt exceptionally guilty.

Then I rationalized it was too late to do anything about it and told myself I would simply have to let this guilt go.

What a way to bring my high vibration to a crashing halt.

I advised myself that this is why I shouldn’t do things like this in the very first place. I mean, since not only can I not deal with the guilt but now it is a double whammy. What

I’m saying is, due to the fact that I’m so familiar with my vibration and this is bringing it way down.

Anytime we do something that is not in positioning with our core values, we feel unfavorable emotions. Sure, which impede us from gaining abundance with the genuine desires of our heart.

The antidote for gaining abundance is easy:

It’s about being sincere, pay all debts, return what you’ve borrowed, speak kindly about others and keep your word. In other words, do nothing that will hinder the flow of pure positive energy towards you.

Be true to your self an you’ll open the way for receiving everything that will make you delighted.

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This very same client had such a chance to ‘make it right’ on an energetic gaining abundance level. Again, she composed:

I was so low and in the dumps when I went back to my workplace; and then remembered the importance of going to the bank. I went to the bank machine and there was $40.00 sitting in the slot.

Someone had actually forgotten to take it with them after they finished their deal. They had actually also forgotten to take their bank slip. I took both out of the machine and put them in my pocket while I did my own banking.

Now I was dealing with the moral dilemma of what I must do with the discovered money.

Again I say, I so badly wished to keep the money as I am heavily in financial obligation. I mean, with all my charge card nearly maxed out.

I tried rationalizing: The bank slip does not have the account number on it so it’s not like one can trace it. However it did say that the individual had a balance of $195.00 which isn’t very much.

What does in truly mean to begin gaining abundance?

I kept in mind how I felt when I as soon as left $20.00 in the bank device myself and returned for it however it was gone.

I then decided to go into the bank and leave the $40.00 with a bank teller. While I was waiting in line, another lady entered the bank and informed me I left my card in the bank.

Of course, so I returned to get it. She came back again stating now I’d left my bank slip in the machine. This is how frazzled I was!

Anyways, I offered the money to a bank teller with my business card and I am feeling much better.

I feel like the Universe provided me an opportunity to redeem myself. As a result, also an opportunity to alter my vibration after something I’ve performed in the past that I feel terribly about.

Undoubtedly! This customer shows the terrific way the power of attraction works:

Her dominant objective was to provide a high vibration so that she can attract more money and enjoy her life.

The laws for gaining abundance organized an opportunity (the product from the local technology store.) Her actions in the very first opportunity triggered her vibration to drop, which didn’t feel good.

She COMMITTED to her intent to feel excellent; and the attraction principles sent her another opportunity to take actions that feel much better.

Yes, I was in the dumps far too low when I returned to my office. As I said, and then remembered I required to go to the bank.

Again, there was $40.00 sitting in the slot. I then chose to go into the bank and leave the $40.00 with a bank teller. While I was waiting in line, another lady came into the bank and told me I left my card in the bank machine so I went back to get it.

She used her power of intention to feel great. As well, and the power of the universe sent her another opportunity to take actions that feel better.

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To a happy and abundant life, 

James Nussbaumer

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