Great Things Happen by Being True to your Heart

So when is the right time for you to begin living according to your true free will?

Viewing all the sporting events like Golf, the Olympics, Football, Baseball and more… recently truly astonished me.

The tasks of strength were great, and the drama of the occasions themselves was captivating.

However what truly made the biggest impact was being reminded of something we all understand or have discovered in the past, and yet seldom use for ourselves: the art of visualization.

— Now, I’m not discussing some deep Guru hypnotic trance.

I’m talking more along the lines of envisioning in our minds the actions we wish to take; the things we ‘d like to have; and even the personal relationships we desire in clear information, prior to they really appear.

It just surprised me to realize that all of these athletes hung around imagining in their minds their whole routine, race, or occasion prior to they started their mission.

I might see it in their eyes, the method they were picturing each action, every turn, prior to they ventured and took a deep breath out into history.

This is where I ask you: When was the last time you gave yourself that much attention in the way you perform your life’s jobs, or picturing how you see your days in the future?

— Could you envision waking up each day with a clear focus on your desires?

Could you envision the power you could provide yourself by envisioning a goal and seeing it pertain to fruition in your mind’s eye?

Many individuals say to me, “I wish to more than happy, I wish to be rich, I want that perfect relationship.” When pressed, rarely do these people have a clear picture of what that would be.

Do You Have A Clear Vision From Your Heart?

Without a clear vision, what they desire could be best in front of them the whole time, however how would they understand?

So, I turn it over to you.

What do YOU desire out of life? Use your creativity, and do a little “fantasizing,” so to speak, then make a note of the vision for your joy and fulfillment.

Once you do, you’ll find that the image you see on your own isn’t so insane after all, and with the right instructions, all things really are possible.

Once we begin to imagine since fantastic things materialize.

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— So again I say, enjoying all the Sports last week actually amazed me.

What really made the most significant impact was being advised of something we all know or have learned in the past, and yet seldom put into action for ourselves: the art of visualization.

When pressed, seldom do these people have a clear picture of what that would be.

Without a clear vision, what they desire could be right in front of them the entire time, but how would they know?

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