Happy Life Lived when Feeling Lost and Needing a Change in Life

Ever feel if you keep walking down this same path you’re getting nowhere and not living a happy life?

What about taking to heart what others gently suggest from their heart; especially our elders.

Lemme ask: ever felt like your dreams were crushed?

That’s what happened to me when I was a teenager.

I was speaking with this older lady while carrying her groceries to her car. I’d worked at the local grocer as a high school student.

I met a lot of people while stocking shelves and packing bags and lugging them carefully to their cars (Ya know, didn’t want the eggs to break or the loaf of bread getting smashed.)

She said to me she was an expert on discovering your life’s sense of purpose.

I had told her what I wanted to be when I progressed through the years… and she looked at me with a look of disbelief. That’s when we she abruptly told me… in a stern tone… that I was not meant to do that.

She had the nerve to tell me I was wrong about what I wanted to do with my life… and even said I’d end up really sad if I ever tried it.

At first, I felt angry.

And then… I just turned around and walked away.

I never spoke with her since then.

Never felt like I needed lessons about living a happy life.

I was so dead sure I knew what I wanted, that I never bothered to consider any other options.

Yet as time went on, I changed.

I grew up.

I made lots of mistakes in life.

And it was through those mistakes I discovered what I wanted, and what I didn’t want.

Both, out of myself… and out of those I associated with.

And I slowly realized I DIDN’T want to do what I thought I wanted to do.

I had grown up, we might say.

This was around the time I was starting my “late in life” career as an author. As well, discovering how much fun I was having walking the path I’m on right now.

It was after realizing that woman was right, I manned up… and sent her a letter with only three words.

“You were right

-signed, Jimmy”

… okay, make that four words.

But the main idea is this:

Perhaps YOU are stuck in a path you hate.

You could be doing a job which leaves you drained every day.

Doing something you hate just to get by… knowing deep inside you could be doing something else which truly makes you happy.

But what could that something be for a happy life?

What could your hidden calling in life be… and how can you discover this untapped potential of yours?

Well… that’s what I began to research. 

What interests me about this report is how it uses an ancient calendar to break down the walls around your life’s true path… and show it to you clear as day.

Makes sense.

Back then, before the modern jungle man built… before technology… it was easy for anyone to live their dream.

But times have changed, and we’ve lost the power to know what we want out of life.

If you feel like you need a compass to point the way and show you where to take your life… then go check this out.

And discover the missing link between where you are…

And a life of happiness, fulfillment… and satisfaction…

Where you get up each morning HUNGRY to take the day on.

Nothing beats living your dream and a happy life.

Trust me.

I should know.

Go try it.

The future you will thank you.

(Here’s more on the secret to a happy life by how to manage #change for success and a better life:)

In this next section, I will address turning your life around when you feel that urging inside you.

The Biggest Change Your Life Around Lesson for a Happy Life

Yes, we think we can outsmart ourselves for finding happiness, success, loving relationships. Or, whatever we’re wanting to master, by using positive words.

We test a lot of tactics with our inner dialogue.

As a result play a game of cat and mouse only to find ourselves struggling to still achieve our real goals and dreams.

But luckily for you, if you want to truly rank at the top of your best in life, you can do so. I mean your real full potential, then I have something that will help.

Certainly, I like investigating the biggest “Reach your Full Potential” lessons you’ll ever learn… and best of all they come from others who have proven track records.

Plus, you won’t find a happy life it anywhere else.

This will give you a better insight into how many happy and successful professionals operate and think.

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All my best,

James Nussbaumer

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