Healing After Divorce Fast and What to Do After a Break Up

For those who go through healing after divorce surely experiences despair, pain and grief, but some may be more profoundly affected.

But you can learn to be an individual filled with inner magnetism!

Divorce can be a traumatic experience on your over-all emotional well-being, and healing from it takes time.

Below is a video I cut and posted to YouTube about some ways you can help yourself move through the healing process.

Grieving and being in despair and feelings of loneliness after divorce is a process you might sail over rough waters on, if you aren’t able to be alert within yourself and acknowledge each phase as you work through it.

For both men and women you can pretty much take some right-minded actions now, even if you’re in the dumps, to get you back on your feet and being your old positive self again.



Everyone who experiences getting over a break up goes through pain and grief, but some may be more profoundly affected.

  • Divorce can be a traumatic experience and healing from it takes time. 
  • Do you want to begin healing after a divorce and also make life after divorce a growing experience?
  • Well of course you do because if you can figure that out, you’ll be able to be on top of your emotional well-being and know exactly what to do after a break up.

Now you can’t really start healing after divorce and getting over a break up till you commit to change for a better life.

The Course in Miracles states, All this you will do gladly, if you but let Him hold the spark before you, to light your way and make it clear to you.”

Either no one cares to go to measures to work on their broken relationship and they split and part ways, or they merely hang on and become obsessive and abusive and sometimes harmful.

You’ve come to a great starting point once you’ve honestly assessed the broken relationship and the idea of relationship rescue.

Even if you are capable of having a sincere, open, and adult discussion for healing the broken relationship, if your partner isn’t then there is nothing you can do.

The Course in Miracles further states, “No longer does the past conflict with now.”

When you’re torching yourself over ways to overcome losing somebody you love, follow this strategy and you’ll understand that getting over a break up can be made easier.

There are a couple of actions you can take for emotional well-being and to help you begin healing after divorce or separation.

How to begin again with life after divorce or getting over a break up does not need to be filled with tears and despair. 

This also a great time to learn how to do mindfulness meditation, and get to the center of who you are and begin considering a few things that I’ve bullet pointed below.

  • What to do when your sensations during healing after divorce of love emerge?
  • Try extending by redirecting them towards others in your life.
  • Get more sharply in tune and aligned to the real love with you.

This is how you can discover ways to positive mental health and with your new life after divorce.

It’s by taking in the lessons you have and using them to much better yourself and your outlook.

(Here’s a related article for how to win you ex back today and find that he does still love you.) 

To healing and growing after a break up,

James Nussbaumer

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