I Hate My Job and My Life: You’re at the Crossroad; so Tap Your Inner Power

Ever been at the crossroad about your life, perhaps like, I hate my job and my life?

Maybe it’s your future you worry over, lonely, and what to do next, or which way to turn?

So many wonderful humans are at the crossroad contemplating yet without a clue how to move forward in life. 

Keep in mind as you absorb this article for it’s worth to you this spiritual principle from the Course in Miracles:

  • “When at the branch in the road and cannot decide which way…any choice you make will be the right one when acting from your heart… But you cannot go backwards…”

When you are feeling like life really sucks and realize you need to face up to life challenges, what do you do? 

Complaining and haunting yourself with regrets of the past OR WORRY OF THE FUTURE WILL NOT HELP YOU!

You may be preparing to climb Mt. Everest.

Or even more realistically, when you think, I really hate my life, do something smaller scale. Perhaps just swim your very first lap around a swimming pool.

The thought, I hate my job and my life, can be turned around to a wonderful life.

Yes, you can make it take place if you can use the power of visualization.

Absolutely, through thoughts and perceptions, to visualize it and think the results.

I hate my job and my life surely is a negative outlook on life. But I’m not here to scold you over that.

Consider positive outlook that build sensations about achieving a difficult undertaking.

You know, the type that will come back to you through positive energy for you. As a result, you’ll let go of the idea that your life sucks.

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As I’d mentioned in the video above, the Law of Attraction has also been practiced for healing.

Yet, although no one recommends that medicine not be considered when consulting with a doctor you have trust in.

Thoughts among those like myself, who lecture and author about the power of the universe is exciting.

But, you know, medications can help exceptionally. I mean by the use of positive right-minded powerful thoughts that project energy.

Remember, there is power in your choices!

A Course in Miracles gives us this profound spiritual metaphysical principle:

  • “Power cannot oppose. For opposition would weaken it, and weakened power is a contradiction in ideas.”

Are you still up against that wall of adversity where, I hate my job and my life?

Consider how powerful the thoughts are that enter your thinking as a human in this world filled with chaos.

Think about how the “placebo” result must prove something!

I mean, that “thinking” can influence your health even when you’re thinking that life really sucks.

If individuals feel excellent about a medicine they are being provided, they will most likely be recovered by it.

This is true whether the medicine is a highly established scientific formula. Or, on the hand your trusted doctor gave you the ‘placebo’ candy pill.

If you and I, and the rest of the world, can keep our focus on right-minded journeys, rather than, I really hate my life, amazing results start unfolding.

Yes, the power of thought has so, so much possibility of survival.

Final Note if up against Life Adversity:

When you feel like I hate my job and my life it’s time to begin practicing the power of choice by learning the power of visualization for a better you.

Follow this strategy and you will find miracle-minded happenings in your life.

I mean, that understanding the Law of Attraction can serve to assist you through those ugly life challenges.

Take it from me if you know my story.

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