The Importance of Work Life Balance for Achieving Goals: Quality of Life and Spirit

I like working with independent experts and artists who realize importance of work life balance.

It’s part of how they are achieving goals.

Due to the fact that to achieve a goal by restoring inner balance, to balance time, the work results are seen.

So what is work life balance in our lives?

Some work life balance tips suggest for us placing more ease into areas of our livelihood. I mean, work, life, and business exist in a nexus.

Yes, from which we can not quickly extract our methods of loving, relating, and making significance.

It might even perhaps be in balancing your love relationship by learning how to re-spark the romance, for a better marriage.

The obstacles we face in our careers arise as personal difficulties and individual lives impact our jobs. 

Rich as it is, the relationship in between professional and personal life can be rocky. But  maintaining the work life balance is frequently a tricky concern.

I wanted to put the experience behind me and get back to work, full speed ahead.

The problem was that I didn’t seem like it. I enjoyed my writing work and my speaking engagements.

But I feared the innovative and analytic work connected to tele-classes and Internet marketing. Try as I might, I just didn’t have the juice for ‘tech savvy’ part of these projects.

On the life side, I felt I needed time and energy for processing, renewal and restoring my inner balance.

On the work side I felt I required to offset wasted time.

I’ve been caught between the promptings of my spirit and the requirements of my writing  more than a few times.

Keep in mind this spiritual metaphysical principle from the Course in Miracles:

  • “The journey that we undertake together is the exchange of dark for light, of ignorance for understanding.”

I know pat success formulas don’t help.

If we are prepared to do the work, I likewise understand it is possible to take care of ourselves and our services.

Here is a double handful of techniques that, taken together, I use to help change course. I mean without abandoning the process and assist to restoring my inner balance.

  • Do not panic.

Even if you feel panicky, you can choose modest, recoverable actions to resolve the circumstance.

This is no time to get a divorce, fire an employee, or purchase a new computer system. Idea: Talk with a coach or therapist about the importance of work life balance. 

  • Go back to your inner Source.

Whatever your spiritual orientation or custom, connect with what for you is the Source of life or spirit.

Know that there is something larger than you that incorporates you. Invest a minimum of 1o to 20 minutes every day connecting with that Source.

(I like Eddie Sergey’s Reflection Practice described in his free video and downloadable e-book for Getting to the Life you Want.)

  • Take a fitness and physical body overview.

Are you sleeping well? How are you consuming? What’s your energy level?

If these are not up to par, get an expert examination and take the steps that will restore your well being.

How is you diet, and you burning metabolism the way you should?

  • Tell the truth.

Often energy flags arise.

Like when we’ve gotten into a pattern of pleasing others or living according to requirements that are not our own.

Notice if there is any balance time problem here.

Be alert to where you’re being less than sincere and get clear about your intentions, then tidy it up. (Talking to a coach or therapist can facilitate clear, genuine interaction.).

  • Keep good company.

Are you promoted and motivated by your clients and peers?

Do you have terrific people you socialize with? Using the wrong play area with the wrong types of individuals is neither fun nor productive.

  • Tune Up Your Thinking.

There’s substantial proof that the importance of work life balance can have a profound and lasting effect. Especially on mood and motivation.

See my book series at Amazon on how to go within and bring forth the best You for the life you want. (If you are otherwise in excellent mental health a skilled coach can assist, too.)

  • Set Healthy, Flexible Boundaries.

Yes, real life and genuine service are intimately connected. But that doesn’t imply that you require to give up your personal privacy.

To find your work life balance, set limits so that you can feel generous without feeling diminished.

Likewise available without feeling invaded. Keep them flexible, because (dag gumit, you know?) things alter.

  • Create or Refine Systems for the Importance of Work Life Balance.

We can’t manage reality and a genuine business without excellent systems.

Take a look at where things feel most out of sorts. Then solve to create or improve a system to get things on track.

  • Keep the Goal, Drop the Poor Planning.

In some cases the very best way to achieve a goal is to let go of poor plans.

Without delay and clearly revise commitments. Yes, uses as essential to bring existing activity in line with present resources.

Why abandon ship when you can drop anchor while you make some repair work. Or while you delight in a couple of weeks in the sun!

When it comes to me, these strategies led me to delay the launch of the Master-Mind Challenge. And take a break from Internet marketing.

Having stopped the war between myself and my company, I restored my work life balance and now feel more engaged with the important things.

I mean also like that I choose to take on (like composing this detailed article for you.)

My adventurous objectives are now shining possibilities rather of looming obligations. As well, if it takes a bit longer to reach them, arriving will be all the sweeter.

Rich as it is, the relationship between individual and expert life can be rocky. But also  maintaining the work life balance is your option.

On the life side, I felt I needed time and energy for processing, renewal and restoring my inner balance; on the work side I felt I needed to make up for lost time.

Yes, genuine life and real organization are thoroughly linked. But that doesn’t imply that you need to give up your personal privacy.

To discover your work life balance, set limits so that you can feel generous. I mean without feeling depleted and offered without feeling attacked.

(Here’s another suggested related article on how to begin achieving work life balance.  Surely while finding self-worth and a better-life:)  

Next, let’s consider what is work life balance and how it may help you to create the life you want.

What is the Importance of Work Life Balance?

What does it truly mean?

Balance time–what a popular topic these days!

Discovering the importance of work life balance, being stabilized in mind, soul and body, is powerful. Like even eating a well balanced meal, balancing work, play and learning.

A Course in Miracles helps here by stating:

  • “The quiet light in which the Holy Spirit dwells within you is merely perfect oneness, in which nothing hidden and therefore nothing is fearful.”

So, then, what is work life balance?

When I ask my readers what balance implies to them, many have no concept initially. Then they discover it an excellent exercise to review.

For some it suggests investing more time with family and/or fun and less time on work. It might be with beginning a physical activity.

For some it indicates doing some emotional healing, for others starting a spiritual course on mindfulness meditation.

The reality is, we are all individuals, and we each have our unique meaning of what balance is.

If we put in the time to ask ourselves what a well balanced life looks like, we’ll discover the response.

Or we’ll at least be revealed what is not in balance so we can begin there!

I lived a large part of my life not knowing the importance of work life balance.

Earlier on in my career as a financial adviser for over 25 years I let my business consume my life.

I was letting go of the things I knew were wonderful for me because I was ‘too tired’ and ‘too stressed’ out.

Now that’s a life truly out of balance, I wasn’t taking care of myself physically, psychologically, emotionally or spiritually!

As I was recuperating from my anxiety, I started looking after my body, mind and spirit.

When I began leading a more well balanced life, I was surprised at the overlap.

I mean how when I do something for my physical self for instance, it benefits me in the other places.

In addition to playing golf, jogging long distance for example is an exercise I’d love when younger, now it’s power walking.

But even in my younger days when jogging or playing golf I couldn’t get my mind off that damn financial adviser business.

It means for my physical body that has ripple effects mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Diminishing a path and seeing a deer or the sunset is spiritual, filling my heart with appreciation.

Mindfully or mentally when I sometimes start being upset about something, then find my mind clears.

Yes, it does, as I go through the situation and come to an understanding.

I’m saying psychologically I typically work out my best calendar for the week. Or what my blog articles, videos and newsletter will be on or other uplifting ideas.

What I consume impacts me physically, mentally which in turn affects me spiritually. 

What I think produces my feelings which in turn produce my actions and outcomes.

A great tip if I am to be healthy in all manners, I need to take care of all parts of me.

Are you taking note of all parts of you and considering the importance of work life balance?

The area of restoring my inner balance requires improvement always as the days go by.

Things to consider are profession, financial resources, recreation/fun, family and relationships.

Also, personal/spiritual advancement, environment, physical health is an importance of work life balance?

If so, have a look at where you’re at, what you might do to enhance your situation and go for it!

Modification doesn’t have to be big.

Do one thing to improve one area of your life and you develop more balance?

Take pleasure in the life we are implied to live, a life of success and abundance in all areas! Cheers to you!

Discovering a work-life balance, being balanced in soul, body and mind, is crucial. Of course, too, consuming a balanced meal, balancing work, play and other relaxing things.

When I asked my listeners at a recent webinar what balance implies to them, the majority had no idea.

I lived a large part of my life out of balance, but not any longer.

Now that’s a life really out of balance, if you’re not taking care of yourself in many regards.

It’s important to balance time physically, mentally, and spiritually!

I mean to learn the importance of work life balance. Do one thing to improve one area of your life and you create more balance?

(I also recommend this related article on the importance of self-improvement goals in a personal growth plan for the success and happiness you deserve:) 

To balance in your life,

James Nussbaumer

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