Millionaire Habits and How Successful People Grow while Learning to Think Like a Millionaire

I have studied millionaire habits and the habits of highly effective who ever walked among us, and they all have one common theme that really does not surprise me.

That’s why I’ve compiled this ‘22 count bundle’ of secrets to the millionaire mind, and more importantly I looked most closely at self-made millionaires who started with no money.

But as you absorb what this article has to offer you, keep in mind this spiritual metaphysical principle from the Course in Miracles text that states, “Never forget, then, that you set the value on what you receive, and price it by what you give.”

Thereby, how to become a self-made millionaire with no money comes down to these millionaire habits:  

Self-made millionaires are not smarter or better than you. They have just discovered these ideas and made them techniques to live by.

You can do it too.

(1). DREAM BIG DREAMS. Thinking Big will alter your life. You must treat life in this world like a dream where you as the ‘dreamer’ create the dream character.

(2). CREATE A SPECIFIC PICTURE OF WHERE YOU’RE GOING. The more particular you are the most likely you are to get there.

(3). THINK AND ACT LIKE YOU’RE THE OWNER OF A BUSINESS, THE BUSINESS OF EVERYTHING YOU DO. Even if you work for someone else, you’re mindset will plant seeds for your independent greatness to grow.

(4). LOVE WHATEVER YOU ARE DOING NOW. Leave it if you do not enjoy it. By saying “NO” to doing work just for cash you are alluring work to you that you can enjoy.

(5). CREATE A MASTERMIND GROUP. Have a regular conference with others who are dedicated to building great lives. Share what you’re up to and support each other.

(6). ESTABLISH A HEALTHY WORK ETHIC. Make doing something about it your friend.

(7). COMMIT TO CONSTANT NEVER-ENDING IMPROVEMENT. Every day be searching for how you can discover more.

(8). SEE YOUR WORK AS SERVICE. Assisting others will grow your service.


(10). PREPARE FOR OPPORTUNITY. It will knock. Will you be willing and ready? Strong minds develop strong bodies. Your psychological and physical health are the core of your success in life.

(12). PRIORITIZE YOUR LIFE. Do what’s crucial initially.

(13). DELIVER MORE THAN YOUR CUSTOMER EXPECTS. This builds loyalty and repeat service. It feels good too.

(14). DISCIPLINE YOURSELF. Fill your life with activities and people that make you grow. Dispose of activities that have negative results in your life.

(15). PAY YOURSELF FIRST. This is the very first rule of the wealthy. Put money into cost savings prior to you pay expenses. And DON’T touch it.

(16). MAKE TIME TO BE ALONE. This time is for preparation and paying attention to what’s inside you. Offer your creativity time and silence to speak with you.

(17). GO FOR GREATNESS. Worth the best and do not settle for less.

(18). HONESTY IS THE BEST POLICY. Know who you are and what you want. Express this with stability at all times.


(20). FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION. Your frame of mind is focused on success. You will have success.

(21). BE DETERMINED TO ATTAIN YOUR GOALS. Tenacious perseverance constructs self-confidence which results in triumph.

(22.) POUR PASSION and PURPOSE into everything you do in life for your ultimate dream to become a reality you may call your own.



By saying no to doing work simply for just ‘getting by’ in life, you are attracting possibilities and opportunity to you that you can love.

Have a regular meeting with others who are dedicated to building excellent lives. Your physical and mental health is also the core of your success in life.

Fill your life with activities and people that make you grow.

And, again, be sure to make time alone for mindfulness meditation and self-reflection by going within to that alpha state, where all your creativity sits, and reflect that abundance to the material world.

Next, let’s look more closely at how and why self-made millionaires learned to think like a millionaire.

How Most Millionaires get to be Millionaires?

Why do so many individuals claim that money isn’t really important?

Why exists this idea that desiring money somehow makes you an ill adjusted bad human being? It’s such a weird thought pattern don’t you think?

And of course is not of the millionaire habits.

Wanting more prosperity and abundance in your life doesn’t suggest you’re a bad person. It just suggests you want more out of life.

Whatever it is, you simply desire more.

Someone offers you on the concept that you can make tons of good solid income working from home as an independent specialist or supplier for this company or that.

And, it’s not that you ever buy into the promise that the business is offering, but you take a leap of faith and give it a shot.

We start small, perhaps $25, 35, 45, or whatever, for a book about real estate investing, just for example, or whatever else it might be.

I understand my very first brush with the idea that I could be individually prosperous working from my studio/condo, was when I stumbled upon an advertisement in an internet search I’d done for how to promote my books, that I’d painstakingly written by hand from a prison cell, where I’d spent 8 long years.

I landed a mainstream publisher for my books who saw it their mission to get involved with my writing, and was on sale before I was released from the horrible yet rewarding experience of my stay in that state prison system.

  • Here I am now composing to you about my experiences.

In that time, I’ve manifested desires and began manifesting love for what I do, and discovered just about everything there is to starting and running an organization of my own.

If you have not caught on to this yet, no matter exactly what the advertisements tell you, no company is as simple or as low-cost as the ad would have you think.

But that’s okay!

A lot of millionaires end up being millionaires due to millionaire habits, by starting a little organization, conserving their income, and then investing.

Let me state that again, all you have to do to become a millionaire is begin a little company based on the millionaire habits, save, and invest.

  • What does the millionaire mind think like?

Well, many remain in their senior ages and living in the exact same type home that you and I reside in, and, they look like us.

They dress like us. They are us.

The only distinction is they have a whole lot more money in the bank because they let their passion in life teach them how to become a self-made millionaire with no money in the beginning.

  • Here’s a truth that I hope will strikes you about the millionaire habits.

There are twice as numerous millionaire small company owners and entrepreneurs than there are millionaire medical professionals or lawyers combined.

So, if you own an idea you want to extend to the world, or you’re thinking about checking out some genuine services and business opportunity around your life of purpose and passion, chances you are on the best track.

The Course in Miracles further states, “By giving you receive. But to receive is to accept, not to get.”

Just stick with it and do not quit!

Remember most millionaires are similar to you and me, they’re entrepreneurs who have learned the millionaire habits and ingrained that into their psyche.

The millionaire mind knows “how to be the dreamer of life in this world while creating the dream characters.”

(Here’s another helpful article on the importance of self-improvement goals in a personal growth plan for the success and happiness you deserve.)  

Next, we need to consider that there are certain ways of the millionaire mind finding the way to success.

Think like a Millionaire Resources

A lot of individuals in the world want to learn the millionaire habits and bring forth their inner abundance to wealth creation in this world.

And there are some who have actually already made plenty.

If we take a closer in depth consideration, we can note that there are likewise plenty of people who have actually not been successful at wealth creation or the way to success.

It’s so much because they do not have the appropriate approach towards bringing forth the resources needed.

Therefore, as you dive into this section consider that the Course in Miracles teaches, “The recognition of having is the willingness of giving, and only by this willingness can you recognize what you have.”

Let’s take a look at those who do have the correct approach to the way to success and the millionaire habits:

  • People who are already millionaires have completely a different mindset and point of view in their thinking and work.

And for this reason this is the basic thing those other people who are not millionaires don’t have, the ideal technique; I mean how to think like a millionaire.

Be a Millionaire

Nowadays though money making has actually become quite simple for some because of online cash making, many people are still not having the right mindset, which I mean the way to success by learning the millionaire habits.

  • There are some really great ‘way to success” e-books, videos, memberships, and so much more online today that are truly effective if you truly want to think like a millionaire and become one.

They will teach you how to ‘reflect’ your inner wealth given to you in the Creation, and make it manifest in the material world.

A few of the features follow:

There are of the millionaire masters themselves who teach you ways to bring forth prosperity to your material world, and exactly what are the pointers and techniques and ideas that were utilized by them to reach this position.

  • You will be provided appropriate training of how to make the income you deserve after you have joined them. You will be offered total information through you via email.
  • You will likewise get monthly lessons and training sessions revealing to you how to think like a millionaire, and millionaire habits, thereby altering your complete attitude and method.
  • Your membership products will show you how to quickly and quickly release and let go of poor ways of thinking.

Many online systems and products I’ve been drawn to myself, likewise provide you insights into the real secrets and developments that true marketing millionaires understand.

You will likewise familiarize motivating stories of how these typical individuals made their path from the prison cell of life to the penthouse in the sky.

By being with this group of people who want to make the millionaire habits their lifestyle, you will in fact understand exactly what truly controls the success that you get or you don’t get.

The best of the systems assures and makes certain that you utilize this information to your benefit.

Through real life examples of company models and techniques which only come from proven successes, you will undoubtedly learn to bring forth prosperity and abundance to your life.

Some systems allow you to get all the information, suggestions, techniques and everything for free on a trial basis.

By the way, as great example, learn how to write a killer book, become a published author in 24 hours, and be super profitable, no kidding.

You just need to be a willing participant in your pursuit for the way to success.

Again, I say, but in a different way, that, people who are currently millionaires have altogether a various attitude and point of view in their thinking and work.


In a recent webinar on the millionaire habits, we discussed the free information kits and e-books available online today for learning to go within and create your life now. Access Free Manifestation Breakthrough Kit here:

If you look within you, deeply, you will note that how much of exactly what you think your life will bring you does indeed bring you that.

Now, do you see how you have the power to begin manifesting desires in this instant right now?

Manifesting desires whatever it might be is the natural law of the miracle.
The Course in Miracles states, ” There is no order of difficulty in miracles. All expressions of love are maximal.”.

Now list those things that you currently have actually brought into being like, your relationships, your kids, your marital relationship, your successes, and so forth.

And, if you care to, the failures you have actually developed in your life through the options and choices you’ve made.

Well, the fact is that you can do all these things, and you are undoubtedly able to manifest whatever you desire.

And understanding that you have that power, maybe the time has actually come for you to begin manifesting love and other objectives and goals for the future.

In some cases manifesting desires might appear difficult to think such a thing, especially when things are not going well for us.

For me, and for others who I have learned from, manifesting love and manifesting desires, or wealth, or health, or whatever it might perhaps be, there must be action taking and purpose and passion as the foundation.

That is what creativity is all about, and you can specify it as your capability to create your life the way you want it to be.

(Please note I also recommend this related article on the qualities of successful people who have ever walked among us.)  

To uncovering your way to success,

James Nussbaumer

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