More than Happy! Family and Home is the Happiest Idea to Live in

Here’s why you’ll always have a happy life with world happiness when you treasure the love of life with your family and home.  

More than happy!

Yes, family and home is the happiest idea to create as your reality. In this true happiness and love you’ve created a miracle.

“The happiest minutes of my life have actually been the few which I have actually passed in the house in the bosom of my family.”– Thomas Jefferson.

The world might be a gloomy, awful, and dangerous place to endeavor into. There may be cut-throat competitors in which survival of the mean, shrewd, and bully only is possible.

It might not be a location for gentle, truthful, and kind individual like you. It has lots of killers, crooks, rapists, and tricksters. They are prepared to take away the loaf of bread from your hand.

For love of life you require a sanctuary from the brutal world.

You need a location where there is love and empathy, care and understanding, take and give.

You need somebody who could direct and safeguard you. You require somebody who could be equivalent partner in your happiness and griefs.

You need someone upon whom you might shower your love and care.

You need a family and a home.

Moms and dads sacrifice a lot and withstand excellent difficulties in up-bringing their children. They are generous in their love and can even lay their lives for the protection of their children.

A spouse is a life time partner in your days of sunlight and rain. Bro and siblings are your buddies and supporters. Your children are your life time fans who like you unconditionally.

The love, care, and support of family is a terrific happiness.

Blessed is the person who has got a family. And who among us has not got one?

We take family for given. We don’t acknowledge it as a fantastic source of happiness. The more joy you offer to your family the more you extract out of it.

You are born into a family and mature wonderfully within a happy life.

A household not just offers comfort, security, and enjoyment, however it likewise offers spiritual and emotional bliss. One might discover so much happiness within household that he or she might not need to browse it outside it.

The love and care of mother and father, bros, daughters, sisters and sons, wife or husband sustain us. Though love is one and the same yet the love of each is so different too.

A household may extend beyond these instant relations and might include grand moms and dads, grand children, in-laws, uncles, aunts, nephews, nieces, and other family members.

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Can all the money of the world purchase the love and affection of one’s parents? Can one enjoy without them? Just how much pleasure and happiness they contribute to our life?

Similar is the case with siblings and bros. At a later stage of life other half or partner ends up being almost the sole arbiter of our joy.

Guy or gal’s happiness nearly totally depends on his/her spouse. At a still later stage children and family friends end up being a great source of happiness.

Bertrand Russell stated, ‘I have found the happiness of being a parent greater than any other that I have actually experienced.’

Be the love of life which builds family and home where giving and receiving are everyday natural events.

Happy! You have your household which cares for you!

It is happiness limitless to be a son, a brother, a sister, a daddy, a mom, a partner, and a better half.

— When you kiss your child, don’t you get a kiss in return?

— When you hug your sibling, don’t you get a hug in return?

— When you enjoy your partner, don’t you get love in return?

Be Happy! You have your household which likes you!


The love, care, and support of family is a great joy. The more joy you give to your family the more you extract out of it.

You are born into a family and grow up within a household.

One might discover so much joy within family that he or she may not require to search it outside it. Household relations offer happiness, however at the same time to be a relation also provides joy.

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