Where to Find Happiness in Family for Continued Healing and Love

You might ask at times of frustration, where to find happiness in family, and if so I’ll explain.

But, first, let me say, there is no mathematical or magic formula for how to have a happy family. 

It’s as simple as caring love that takes no effort.

Often times with family members and other relatives have us pulling our hair out, or perhaps losing your hair.

Why do we have far too often struggles with family issues?

I received a message at my inbox the other day from a member of my Master-Mind Challenge group, saying: “James Nussbaumer what are you jotting down on your thoughts today?”

“Hear me out on this,” she added to me.

Again she added, “I think finding happiness and success are more than just financial assets.” 

This article today is to advise you that you have the power to improve your life. I mean within your family to family troubles if you are not finding peace with your family.

Keep in mind that the Course in Miracles teaches us that: “If we go deep enough we will find that we are all connected.”

So, that said, here are my (James Nussbaumer) double handful of thoughts to create (or re-create) where to find happiness in family:

Start with yourself.

Finding happiness within begins by deciding that you will create the caring spirit that can develop a family to family happiness.

Develop an energy and personality where merely your spirit and existence will heal others. Likewise, invigorate your family.

Look at yourself.

Ask yourself this question and provide yourself a real response: “Am I adding to family peace and happiness, or misery?”

Heal within any sensations of mistrust or anger.

This can appear to be an impossible task. But it is attainable and important to discovering joy and success.

People make mistakes. Each person is doing the finest they can at the emotional intelligence level they have actually attained.

If somebody is being upsetting, blameful, upset or attacking, they are living at an extremely low emotional intelligence level.

That doesn’t mean you need to reside in this unpleasant awareness with them.

Where to find happiness in family is in practice treating everybody in the relations with love.

Due to the fact that of their opted personality or behaviors, you may not be able to be around them.

You can hope, plan or send out caring energy to them.

They will receive it and the power of love will heal them in impressive methods. I mean, typically better than we might have dreamed.

A Course in Miracles states: “Think what is given those who share their Father’s purpose, and who know that it is theirs.”

Ten plus some produce what you don’t desire and around 5 emotional levels create what you do desire.

Individuals ask me: “Jame Nussbaumer,  how can I live in psychological happiness levels that create more of what I desire and result in finding happiness?”

Do not belong of inner family or relatives problems. Heal yourself and end up being a remedy.

Do not inform your family you have actually chosen to do this.

Simply do it.

They will notice the distinction. Your freshly chosen psychological happiness levels will create favorable outcomes.

With your lead and example, your members of relatives and the entire family can learn to like and respect each other.

Encourage high regard for each other.

Teach, by example, that each member of the family accepts all others and lets each be who they are.

With some knowledge and insight, it is simple to see how individuals’s personalities have established.

Even if you are repulsed by somebody, it is possible to see why they act as they do.

For a happy family when the development procedure and history of their personalities is appreciated, even the most tough people brighten up.

When people feel understood, they no longer feel the requirement to protect.

Love and approval of everyone’s history will produce the sensation of goodwill and genuine understanding.

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Have no particular expectations sculpted in stone for where to find happiness in family.

Rather than guess where to find happiness in family, anticipate the best in each one you talk to.

Likewise be open to what is in their hearts.

When we anticipate something certain we are frequently limiting the outcome by our own restricted thinking.

Once or that it will come easily, do not expect everybody to alter to your way of doing things.

It’s why for some the change seems instant, for others it can take time.

Yes, for some healing will seem effortless, others will require to hit rock-bottom before they start.

For some letting go of damaging beliefs, painful thinking and harmful bias occurs gradually. As well, often only after individual discomfort or disasters.

Since we want things right now, this is often an obstacle. Many times I hound myself, “James Nussbaumer, why can’t these other individuals see things my way?”

Hope that their healing will be a safe, caring and fantastic experience. A lot of times as humans we all go through some form of self-confidence crisis.

The most crucial aspect is that someone must begin their own recovery type thoughts.


It will pick up for others from there.

Wonders can and will take place for those who ask for assistance from a Source of Total pure light and love.

Choose actions and choices that are 110% pure light and love.

Have internal thoughts the best for each family member.

A single person utilizing their power of intention is miraculous.

I mean, by sending out energy of total and whole pure light and love to other family members.

Yes, though she or he may do it without others understanding, will in time see others are inspired to improve their lives.

When the intention of whole and total complete pure light and love becomes a family practice, great things occur.

The members become a happy family and will grow much deeper in spiritual connection. Just as well,  have a simpler time finding happiness.

So here is what, I, James Nussbaumer, think.

Eventually, you can change even the hardest household circumstance for the much better.

You can help relatives and all family members experience success.

And, of course, aid yourself on the path of discovering happiness.

Where to find happiness in family begins by deciding that you will produce the caring spirit. The one spirit that can create a friendly and loving family.

Establish an energy and character where just your spirit and existence will heal others. Surely as well rejuvenate your household members, too.

Practice treating everybody in the family with love is where to find happiness in family.

With your lead and example, your family members can discover to like and respect each other.

You can help family members discover where to find happiness in family. Likewise, help yourself in the process of inner happiness.

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To success in life and love,

James Nussbaumer

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