My Goals and Dreams Reached by Creating a Whole New World for Myself

Are you beating yourself up over ways to reach  “my goals and dreams”? You know, the never ending chase your goals saga?

Let’s look deeper at your goals and dreams being a reality for you.

Today I want to talk about the mysterious connection between dreams and manifestation.

In particular… how just like you can make anything appear in your dreams if you think willfully with purpose about it… you can manifest your desires into your life if you focus on them.


Let’s get self-confidence in the idea of reaching my goals and dreams!

Ever heard of the film Inception by master storyteller Christopher Nolan?

It’s a story about how a group of guys break into people’s dreams… steal their deepest, darkest secrets and sell them to the highest bidder.

And one of the core themes of the movie is how when you’re in a dream… you can make anything appear before you just by thinking about it.

And I mean anything.

Keep in mind that the Course in Miracles teaches us that:

  • “You are the dreamer of your life dream while in this world thereby you create the dream characters.”

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My Goals and Dreams Reached, for example:

Leonardo DiCaprio’s character explained how it was fully possible to create a whole new world of their own design.

Yes, just by focusing really passionately on it.

He even demonstrated how the dream world actively responded to their thoughts. Likewise even accidentally summoned a train in the middle of a busy highway to boo.

And one of the guys that jumped into dreams with was so good at this, he could manifest whichever weapons he wanted in the dreams at will.

And this got me thinking my goals and dreams.

You see if we’re in the “dream of the universe”… then it makes complete sense that we should be able to manifest whatever we want just by thinking about it.

Now, I know Inception is a movie…

But everything in fiction carries a hint of the truth.

As well, I can assure you, I’ve seen the stuff pulled off in ‘Inception’ being done in real life.

If you want to see how YOU can start influencing the dream of the universe to give you the life you want, then you have that power to do so.

See below is a great video that proves why you don’t need to chase your dreams down a dead end street.

Learn the miracle-minded presence and power path to achieve your life dream. 

It might just give you the small push you need to manifest the loving relationship. Or any other goal you are striving for reaching.

Surely, too, and fulfilling sense of connection to your passion and purpose you’ve been craving.

Or it could just help you strengthen your career.

One more thing about how I’ve answered to my goals and dreams:

It may seem a bit on the “trippy” side, but if you open your mind to new ideas while watching it… one and one will definitely add up.

I mean to make two and you’ll be stunned by what you can attract into your life if you focus on it.

Also, too, let me point out this affirmation I’ve learned from the Course in Miracles. It helps soothe me when up against being impatient:

  • “My mind is focused on excelling in every area of my life…” strategy for a life of purpose:

And see how YOU can start making your dreams a reality.

Final Note about Reaching your Dreams:

How goals and dreams can be easily achieved is by being devoted to creating a whole new world for yourself.

Yes, and reach these goals and objectives instead of chasing after nothing.

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All my best,

James Nussbaumer

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