Next Level Thinking for Pursuit of Happiness Now and a Road to Success

My Dad’s first step to next level thinking was in the heating business in Ohio; he was called a “Furnace Man,” during the 1950’s and 60’s.

When I was a kid my dad ran this small business and he’d bring me along on service calls.

It was a huge struggle for him being self-employed. Sure, but brought in the money needed to support his young family.

After a while, he had to let the business go under, and proceeded to take a job at a local steel factory.

For me, after high school, some college, then the U.S Air Force, I built my first business from scratch.

Though, not as a “Furnace Man”, but in financial services, I mean with no budget and no idea what I was doing.

So I understand just how much mindful work you put into pursuit of happiness. Yes, as well, perhaps your business and for finding happiness in everyday life.

It’s why I love personal transformation!

As you move on in this article consider this spiritual metaphysical principle from the Course in Miracles:

  • “What you desire you will see. And if its reality is false, you will uphold it by not realizing all the adjustments you have introduced to make it so.”

I want to help you succeed in next level thinking.

Certainly, I’m saying, especially if you don’t have a big budget. Or, a lot of time to spend on courses that might not work for you, here’s an option.

That’s why I created The Master-Mind Challenge – Accepted – to give everyday people and small businesses a leg up.

Now running that program takes a lot of time from my team and me. From calls, to being there to help out where we can, to giving advice… it’s not easy.

But putting in that next level thinking energy is why people are getting such amazing results.

Just consider a few messages my subscribers posted today. (This is totally unedited. The names are just blacked out to respect people’s privacy.)

  • “Jim, your Master-Mind Challenge is opening my mind slowly but with momentum to realize my inner power for a great life lived.”
  • James, I really like the next level thinking for a prosperous mindset more than just what money can provide.”
  • Dear Sir James, here in the UK we struggle just like you do in the U.S.A, so that said old chap please keep making me go deeper into my real inner strength.”

And I love getting messages like that.

In fact, I’ve got an entire Word Document folder filled with personal messages just like this from people enjoying next level thinking.

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This successful pursuit of happiness for many is thrilling to me!

They’ve done everything from healing almost broken relationships, making their dreams become in their reach.

Just as well, they are learning to choose happy like I had to do. Some needed desperately to lose weight and find a more healthy inner self.

Others have excelled in their road to success to make their financial dreams become real. And, on and on!

I mean, small business owners are taking next level thinking to increased heights in their minds.

Then, learning to reflect that into the material world.

But, first as a business owner to generating a lovely pursuit of happiness, many are excited about letting go of the garbage that holds us back in life.

But due to the huge time commitment on our end, we are thinking about keeping the Master-Mind Challenge limited of subscribers.

We aren’t exactly sure yet by how much.

So, if you are interested in getting in and mapping out your road to success and life fulfillment, right now is the perfect time to check things out.

Final Note on Success in Life:

Explore next level thinking for just how much mindful work you put into pursuit of happiness. Yes, as well, perhaps your design of a road to success.

Just go here to the Master-Mind Modules page of my safe and secure website to learn more.

To plain old deciding to choose happy over doom and gloom!

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All my best,

James Nussbaumer

P.S. I created the “MM Challenge”, so I’m biased. But I really think next level thinking accepted, has the power totally to transform any situation.  

It could easily double the pursuit of happiness by increased real inner energy and passion.

So do me a favor. Take a few minutes and check out what we’ve created for you. Look at the results – we’re already getting clients. And then decide for yourself if it’s for you.

If it isn’t, no worries. I’ll always offer free advice articles here on my blog.

And for a better life.

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