No Direction in Life Turned Around Quickly with Hope for a Better Future

When feeling no direction in life and not finding purpose nor living your passion, there is hope for a better future.

Just by you contemplating this notion of what is my purpose in life and mulling it around means personal transformation is on its way to you.

When you’re feeling no direction in life, feeling lost, trouble finding purpose in life take a few days off.

Yes, and go to the theater. 

Of course, like a great instructor, a great motion picture needs to have lessons that prepare you.

Likewise, instill hope for a better future and teach you about the risks and rewards of your purpose in life.

The characters need to be honest examples of genuine people; and their inner freedom methods of swinging at life’s curve-balls.

Sure, needing to teach meaningful lessons for your life.

To heal quickly when feeling no direction in life make the most out of those lessons.




To likewise hope for a better future, address these questions:

  • What did this character (or characters) do to face that unanticipated obstacle?
  • Consider actually what happened as an outcome? 
  • What am I learning from the example of this character (or characters) that I must utilize (or avoid) in my own life; especially when I face comparable life challenges?

Put more music in your life if it’s the music. Choose an area of your life that lacks action and do something about it if it’s the action series.

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Author Marianne Williamson talked about the Wizard of Oz, where the Good Witch of the North told Dorothy that: “She had the power in herself all along to return to Kansas.”

I’ll add to that, where I see the crying and melting of the Wicked Witch of the West in her dark castle, as how the ego in us fears when it begins fading away.

The Course in Miracles teaches that:

  • ” Real freedom depends on welcoming reality …”.

Ways to Apply the Criteria above when feeling no direction in life:

Get together with a few loved friends or ones who like the theater. Pick a motion picture from a list of your feelings and watch intensely using the three requirements above.

Remember the questions noted within each criterion.

Finding happiness always occurs when we have great hope for a better future.

If you want to begin finding happiness and have more hope for a better future, then you will.

And if you likewise love the show or movies, feel good about making an effort to give their lessons a chance. Yes, of course, to lend you help for personal transformation.

An excellent movie or show usually has the power to inspire you for changing your life for the better. I mean, through the characters resembling poetic parallels to your life.

By truly accepting and realizing how unpredictable life only seems to be, we can use the power of reflection regularly.

I’m saying to bring our goals and dreams to a reality we may call our own.

This reflective state of mind helps us heal and gets us over the feelings of no direction in life.

Follow this strategy and you’ll find that, the lessons you do get from the theater screen may help drastically.

Or, a live play on stage, may help you become more open minded for changing your life for the better.

Final Note on Having a Better Future:

Here’s how to quickly overcome feeling no direction in life and rather instill hope for a better future and rewards of your purpose in life.

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To the life you truly want to live,

James Nussbaumer

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