Peak Level Performance Strategy-Conflict Free in the Now

You can maintain peak level efforts and will receive maximum results when your mind and body operate together conflict free.

On a gloomy morning a confused student went to the schoolmaster and asked a question that had been weighing heavily on his mind: “What is the method of liberation?”

The wise old master, with a whimsical and experienced smile, replied, “Who binds you, my son?”

The student proudly answered, “No one binds me.”

The master squarely met the young man’s eyes and said, “Why, then, should you seek liberation?”

To reach your peak

In this peak performance, what is considered to be maximal effort is really effortless.

Think of the times when you were at peak levels of performance. 

Wasn’t it an effortless instant?  There was no exertion or strenuous or anxious thoughts going on and time seemed to be interrupted. 

This no-time zone experience seemed to flow, and whatever resources were needed to accomplish your faithful mission just seemed to show up timelessly.

A Course in Miracles asks us to consider, “How long is an instant.”

You are at a peak level whenever you surrender all conflict within yourself, and the Holy Spirit takes over in your right-mind, giving you a lesson.

In all situations with a willingness to be conflict free there are lessons being learned, which are important in your function at peak level while here on Earth, whether you realize it or not. 

Even that one spectacular peak level round of golf, where your shot-making was flawless at a time you needed it the most, and seemed to prevail in a performance much greater than your usual play, did indeed have something to teach you.

A Course in Miracles further adds, “Time is your friend, if you leave it to the Holy Spirit to use.”

Or how about the words that seemed to unexpectedly flow at peak level from you when a friend or family member needed them the most? 

Or that peak level business decision that was firmly and confidently made that boosted the morale of your employees, yourself, your family, and bumped up your company’s bottom line? 

Being alert

These situations are being handled for you by the Holy Spirit for reasons in you, and in others, that may not be necessary for you to understand in their entire scope. 

You are being told what to do, and all you need to do is be alert to its possibilities.  You’ll learn when it’s the right time to take some type of action.

His message is to be conflict free all the time, which will leave room for maximum performance. 

For example, in that great round of golf there cannot be a situation where your body is in conflict with your mind as to how to execute the golf shot. 

It is the same when you encourage a friend, son, or daughter to make a decision that is right for them. 

You must be conflict free with the words you choose, or in the feelings you have regarding the matter.

The peak performance you experience in the now, in these instants, of being conflict free, are glimpses of Heaven. 

What really are these “instants” I speak of? 

They are the timeless series of nanoseconds in which you meet the Real World.  You’ve been there.  We all have.

Striving is conflict

Exactly how this is achieved doesn’t matter, because if it did and we chose to dissect it like an engineering project, conflict would enter into its formula—for example, striving to improve on it. 

The no-time zone of “the now,” called Heaven, is always maximal, and getting there is your consistent journey through periods of physical time that are as free as possible of conflict. 

Being in the now, with no hint of past or future, is always at peak level, and is the ideal state of mind.  Nothing can outperform what you do conflict free in the no-time zone of the now.

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To peak performance,

James Nussbaumer

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