Prayer for Peace of Mind-Inner Peace in Daily Life Easily Attained

The power of the subconscious is yours. Here’s a prayer for peace of mind in daily life, that may quickly and easily be brought forward in you. It’s more of a meditation for peace technique that I prefer to use, helping me to go beyond all words and physical form seen as special. 

Feel free to use these words as a prayer for peace of mind or in meditation, whichever is more comfortable for you. 

Remember, it’s the power of the Holy Spirit within you, not outside of you, which is the peace of mind for whatever it may be for you, that we’re attempting to manifest.

It might be from career, marital or relationship rescue, lack of self-confidence to weight loss, any adversity that seems to be disrupting your peace of mind can be healed by the power of the subconscious–which is the power of the Holy Spirit.

What we want to attempt, this time, is to reach a quickened place on a shorter path to peace of mind in daily life which you desire and deserve. 

Simply close your eyes and forget all that you thought you knew and understood.

A Course in Miracles states, “The Holy Spirit is invisible, but you can see the results of His Presence, and through them you will learn that He is there.”

While using your own proven breathing style for meditating, and as you sink into your desired state of mind and of physical relaxation, repeat the following words:

  • I am not a body. I’m free and I’m as God created me. I have a function He wants me to fill.  I’m aware it can only be my true free will.          

The Power of the Holy Spirit

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Understand that it will be normal to have idle thoughts; try to permit none of them to go unchallenged. 

If you notice one, deny its hold and hasten to assure your mind that this is not what you want. 

In other words, the purpose of this prayer for peace of mind is to let go of these idle thoughts.  

Do this by gently letting the thought you denied to be given up, in a sure exchange for an idea that enforces your meditation.

You can go about this by using the following formula as you say to yourself:

  • This thought I do not want. I choose instead . . .(Then insert one, or each, of the following) . . . to find the function that would set me free from all the illusions of this world.  


. . . to remember that the past is gone, the future is not yet.

      Now I am freed from both.


. . . to stay not an instant longer where I don’t belong.

Allow me now to share an example of how I will use this practice when I feel my past errors haunting and hounding me, which I must admit does at times try to take its toll on me. 

I am able to rescue myself from these nasty thoughts by saying the following words during my meditation. 

Also, I will never rule out a short prayer for peace of mind in daily life when my state is not conducive to meditation. 

  • Holy Spirit, I trust you as my Guide and I’m having some thoughts I don’t want. These thoughts bind me this morning, and I’m having trouble letting go of them. I choose to remember instead that the past is gone and the future is not yet here.  Now that I have remembered this, I know I am now freed from both past and future.

Prayer for peace of mind

Become comfortable with this, and develop a style that is right for you. 

Any one of these statements will be enough to subdue your idle, wrong-minded thoughts, plus it will add strength to the sincerity of your prayers. 

This should be done quickly, and trust that great effort or strain is not necessary. 

In fact, trying too hard will give the ego a chance to haunt you further. 

There’s no need to turn this into some kind of lengthy or arduous ritual.

Finding Inner Peace

Once you feel that the distracting, idle thoughts have left you, go back to the original meditation, and do not worry about further idle thoughts coming along. 

If they do, simply repeat the exercise, and with time and practice these pesty thoughts will diminish, becoming less persistent and less frequent. 

The meditation will become stronger for you, and with a power the ego will eventually get tired of trying to disrupt. Peace of mind in daily life will become natural and effortless for you.

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To the power within you,

James Nussbaumer

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