Reflect Upon your Answer to Life and Stop Living Someone Else’s Dream

To reflect upon what it is you truly want in life is excellent therapy for attaining your most cherished dreams in accordance with your true free will—which is God’s Plan for you. You begin to direct your dreams away from living someone else’s dream for you. One way of asking questions of life is, “What answer to life do I want to live?” 

Why would we run around looking for all sorts of answers other than the one that will answer to life of everything for all time to come? 

It is peace that answers the questions of life to what we truly want.  Peace is the perfect answer to life given to imperfect questions, meaningless requests, and half-hearted desires. 

A Course in Miracles, “Nothing at all happened but that you have put yourself to sleep, and dreamed a dream in which you were an alien to yourself, and but a part of someone else’s dream.”

To forgive is all there need be, which is to reflect upon yourself in reality, which is beyond ego-based thought.  If you let go of the ego, all that remains is your true reality.

The answer to life

Of course I’m not saying that you should not protect yourself, or not call the authorities if someone is out to harm you. 

Even when we must protect ourselves, our own forgiveness practice must remain to be the “looking beyond” of someone else’s errors in thought. 

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When faced with a difficult situation with another person, ask yourself, “What is beyond his actions?”

What if we all reflect upon or look beyond the ego’s methods of gaining and winning, where others must lose?  If we all overlooked ego-based behavior by looking beyond it, would this mean we could begin living beyond it? 

Yes, of course! 

I hope you can see why I am so excited and pleased.  All along previously in my life, the ego had been teaching me that “What is beyond is delusional”—but since then I have been able to uncover and expose the ego-based mind for the emptiness and void that it truly is.

Only by undoing the ego can I answer to my true calling.

God’s Plan for you

God has a plan for salvation that cannot fail, and I’m not speaking of “rising from the dead.” 

I am speaking of you having the power to multiply “fish and loaves” for the good of humankind, simply by living your true free will. 

This is His Plan for salvation.

Be grateful and “take the bull by the horns,” so to speak, and begin to reflect upon and live a life that you want

Don’t be afraid. 

The bull and its horns are not real, so you can’t be harmed. 

Anything opposite of what you reflect upon and what you truly want is illusion.  Without changing God’s Plan for you, it stands before you, waiting. 

This message has been in humanity’s mind for centuries, but most have missed its true meaning that answers the questions of life.

If you begin discovering who you are it may stunningly uncover your purpose in life. Here’s how:

To your answer to life,

James Nussbaumer

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