Being a Self-Assured Woman Today filled with Female Self-Confidence

It’s easy to put in all that time, effort, and money only to end up NOWHERE in working toward being a self-assured woman. It should NOT be crazy expensive (or crazy hard) for you to have that kind of strong female confidence.

I know how incredibly frustrating it can be to jump from one “life coaching” product to another and STILL feel like you’re just not moving forward as a secure woman.  

You need to get your tender heart OUT of the emotional garbage-dump of feeling tossed away and overwhelmed with everyone else’s rejection.

And if you’re telling the truth, a bit of your own lack of female self-confidence, too, you need a simple yet POWERFUL way to build yourself into a glittering FORTRESS of being a self-assured woman.

Make yourself into the kind of woman who REFUSES to let other people’s pettiness, demands, or opinions knock you off YOUR chosen course in life to be a confident woman.

Make complete peace with the wounds of your past and BOUNCE BACK like rubber from tough situations, and here’s how to unleash that power in you.

What would it FEEL like, to finally experience your life as a graceful, self-assured woman?

Your Natural State of Grace

The kind of woman that NO ONE can argue is undeniably beautiful in all the ways that matter, and always able to rise above women’s insecurity issues?

I mean in your relationships (ugh, let’s don’t even talk about online dating or “hookup culture”), or in your career (WHERE IS IT?), or in your life.  

The Course in Miracles states, “In such insane relationships, the attraction of what you do not want seems to be much stronger that the attraction of what you do want,”

I also mean like you’re caught under a dark cloud that’s pouring rain not only on your spirits, but also your hope for the future?

There are SO many women who have discovered the power to make gorgeous things happen in their lives. That power is within YOU as being a self-assured woman, too.

It just needs to be unleashed!  

You’re not alone if you ever feel STUCK and realizing that relationships are crazy-hard in today’s fast pace world.

You’re working so hard, and STILL you’re not getting where you want to be (or thought you’d be by this time in life).

Life can be messy and difficult.

(Here’s another suggested article on how to attract success quick by uncovering your magnetic personality.) 

Wouldn’t it be AWESOME if the universe sent you a miraculous, sparkling package of women-friend-support, love and woman-wisdom, straight to your doorstep?

This sort of thing is available on the web and I encourage you to seek out the possibilities, and seeing each opportunity as keys to making that happen NOW, for being a self-assured woman (with surprising ease).

You just need to find a women and self-confidence friendly program that feels comfortable for you.

I hope you’ll HONOR that hidden aspect of you who’s ready to emerge, and see that she’s just waiting for you to open the door.

Yes, I mean to UNLEASH the 100% female self-confidence, emotionally balanced, AWESOMENESS (no matter what size or shape you are!) woman inside you.

The Course in Miracles further states, “The picture of light, in clear-cut and unmistakable contrast, is transformed into what lies beyond the picture.”

Isn’t it your TIME to shake off those heavy regrets of the past and fear of the future?

It’s about stopping being overwhelmed by other people’s criticisms or demands, and rather make this the turning point you’ve been waiting for.

Finding Inner Freedom

Get UNSTUCK, being free within and begin moving forward in life with style and grace.

Whether you are dead-broke or living in the Swiss Alps, you can learn how to allow the simplest gifts–and EVEN the broken parts–in your life to spur you toward daily gratitude and joy.

Expensive life coaches spend a lot of time trying to ‘fix’ you, thinking that you are broken, and messy and tangled, busted up worn in and worn out.

But now it’s your turn to have a TREASURED life as being a self-assured woman who is undeniably GORGEOUS.

You might not be able to afford professional life coaching, but the ugly truth is that even if you can, there is no guarantee that you will benefit from it.

You’re paying for an approach (and a coach) that might not work out in the long run, and you may only be putting in all that time, money, and effort only to end up NOWHERE.

(Here’s a related article on what makes a woman and how to more attractive and desirable woman.)  

To you—a secure beautiful woman,

James Nussbaumer

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