Signs He’s Having a Midlife Affair: A Brief on What’s Best for You

If there are plenty of signs he’s having a midlife affair no one wants to believe that he or she’s stuck in a rut.

I mean, where the arguments and battles that make the signs to leave a relationship are pretty darn regular, and nothing is getting better. 

Saving your marriage is about establishing key actions and patterns to get your individual life back on track.

Yes, so you may learn to be more whole and at-one with your spouse.

But what if you can’t do that, and thinking you might need to leave the relationship. Or perhaps, caught in between should I leave now or stay?

So what does your true free will tell you about these signs he’s having a midlife affair?

Do tips to save a marriage really work?

Yes, because these savvy couples who want to avoid divorce statistics, don’t let up on keeping the intimacy, passion and spice in their marriages

I am suggesting a few much more detailed articles here at my safe blog. I mean, you gotta do what is right for you.


However, before you lose all control consider these words in meditation that I’ve borrowed from the Course in Miracles:

  • There is no will but God’s. I share it with Him. I seek peace today.

Therefore, I suggest reviewing this related article on: When your married life is in danger, ask yourself if you are feeling: Are there signs the marriage can be saved? 

Also try to see that if you’re noticing signs he’s seeing someone else, you must be calm.

As a result, then you will know from within when it’s time to let go of the relationship, if, that’s your choice. 

Here’s another related article to help for: Perhaps good help is on it’s way to you.

I just mean that an unfulfilling marriage when you’re up against,  ‘should I leave or stay’ is difficult.

Especially.when you see signs of a bad-relationship. 

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