Something is Missing in my Life it Seems – Could it be Signs of Awakening?

Ever feel like stating to the world that something is missing in my life, and you don’t, but you carry on?

Of course, we are what we think and all that we are arises with our thoughts.Yes, of course, with our thoughts we make our world.

But do we really want to stop there instead of thinking things like, how to get a life with doing what I love.

In this brief article consider when we speak or act with a pure mind. That’s when happiness will follow you as your shadow; unshakeable

When I was a young boy so involved in sports it seemed like there was no other way for how to get a life than playing football.

But, now instead, I’m author of a great thought provoking book series and a few thousand articles on awakening to a better life.

If you ever before claimed, something is missing in my life, then mindfully absorb this short article.

I’ve kept this article quite brief because I’m hoping not to give too much reason for you to analyze it to death.

Just let these words flow across your mind as wonderful food for thought.

For those of you who know my story also are aware that I spent 8 long years in prison over a foolish securities violation as a longtime financial adviser.

As well, is where my books were conceived and publishing began.

While writing a final section of my first book of the series, from the volatile and often violent din of the cell block, one of the meanest cold and flu type symptoms I’ve ever experienced slammed my body.

My concentration was difficult to grasp, and feeling so terrible about how to get a life.

I mean that prison will do that to your psyche, in more ways than imaginable. That environment will easily make an inmate feel in the dumps and no self-worth.

My initial thoughts were back and forth on whether visiting the prison doctor. But I did have a strong concern it could lead to pneumonia.

Just as well, I knew that prison is not the place to fight serious illness.

Being heavily congested and difficulty breathing, I did proceed to the right decision making. Yes, and get treated by the proper prescribed antibiotic.

All in all this pest was what I’d projected it to be, the flu, but, minor.

Another strong thought urged me to realize this infection would run its course. I figured on its way in about five days or so.

Well, it took ten days, and I was certainly pleased. The antibiotics did the job in assisting my own antibodies to dissolve this unpleasantness.

There is one thing among many I’ve learned with my involvement in A Course in Miracles. It’s that we place too much emphasis on the body as a source of strength.

This also leads to feeling that many things are against you.

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Like when I feel something is missing in my life.

This goes for our pleasures, too.

If you will consider the plans we make that do not in some fashion involve the body’s comfort, or projection, or enjoyment, you will begin seeing this for yourself.

This means we are set in fear by believing we are sinners, but sin cannot truly exist in true Reality.

Sin is as unreal as is the body. Sure, and just like the body it relies on an image of illusion or fantasy only you can project.

The Course in Miracles states:

  • “What can be fearful but fantasy, and who turns to fantasy unless he despairs of finding satisfaction in reality?”

No one can realize signs of awakening to a better life if he or she continues to accept sin as a way of this world.

If this is so for you, then you are not seeing your own responsibility in realizing wholeness.

You cannot be comfortable in spiritual awakening if you prefer pain, sacrifice, and destruction.

That’s simply because this would be helping delay the process by your denial of your reality of wholeness of mind.

This is why like many others you may feel that, something is missing in my life. 

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