Healing the Stagnant Relationship Fast and Rekindling the Old Flame for Good

Let’s talk about a challenge for your girlfriend, or if you’re married, for your wife if you’re experiencing a stagnant relationship.

This article is for the women, too, who are wanting to revive the relationship and rekindle the old love.

If you believe your in a boring relationship and your girlfriend, wife, or significant other  is getting tired, then read on.

If you feel you need a spark in a relationship I’m writing this article just for you.

But as you move on in this article keep in mind this spiritual metaphysical teaching from A Course in Miracles:

  • “The holy relationship is the expression of your presence while living in this world.”

That means let’s discuss what’s truly in your heart.

Let me ask, with you. then, why not end up being a bit of a loving heartfelt challenge for your sweetheart?

Everyone likes to rekindle love from a difficulty and so can you, too, make relationship issue improvements.

I mean some modifications to make it a little more easier for you to bring the spark back into your relationship.

One good way to bring the spark back into the relationship is to try and act like the man you were before.

I’m saying, at the start when there was no stagnant relationship.

When relationships first start they are usually quite romantic. I’d guess you probably offered her flowers and gifts or perhaps write her little notes.

These things take place less and less frequently as the relationship proceeds. Likewise,  prior to you understanding it you don’t do that any longer.

Why is that?

First, let me add that, if you are already split from the relationship and want to get him back, or get her back, I suggest this.

If you today hardly ever bring her gifts or flowers or compose a few love lines in a note, think again.

When a relationship reaches this phase often it means fixing a broken relationship.

So, that said, you started to take things for granted rather than seeing her unique as you once did..

If you take an appearance at your relationship and recognize that this is what has actually occurred then you should take steps to remedy this.

This can heal the stagnant relationship and bring back the passion you once had.

It’s still there, you just have the flame covered.

You need to ignite that flame by the truth in you, no matter what age you are.

To stimulate the relationship  you won’t need to stress about trying to be overwhelming  to your mate.

If your girlfriend seems to be wandering away, intuitively you might start to draw back,  too. And after that you both begin to drift apart.

If this continues the stagnant relationship you will be soon faced with fixing a broken relationship.

The love relationship will fall under a downward spiral that will end terribly.

If she is drifting away then she is most likely not pleased and if you pull back that only makes her unhappier.

Instead of pulling back while dealing with a stagnant relationship, try to charm her again. Again, I say, yes, like you did when you initially met her.

Once and more than most likely she desires that guy back that she fell in love with, she fell in love with you.

(Here’s another related article on how to get him back, or to win her back in your life and rekindle the old love.)  

Most likely she wants to rekindle the flame!

To enhance your relationship and surpass this rut you need to go back to the person you were at the beginning.

Back then it was not a boring relationship, was it?

The other thing you do need to think about is whether the relationship is going stale for some fault of your own.

Since you don’t do these easy things any longer, or it is since you are smothering her and being too possessive.

Over possessiveness is another huge cause of a stagnant relationship that leads to relationship failure.

When you really appreciate somebody all you wish to do is be with them however often it can end up being excessive.

If you want to be with her so much that you don’t let her go out with her good friends or family, that’s a mistake.

Get over being possessive

If you need to know her every move then this can put a huge strain on the relationship. Then you need to back off a little and give her some breathing space, if this is the case.

When the person you enjoy starts to wander away, it can be a little frightening and even depressing.

Do not wait until it’s far too late in a boring relationship before you choose to do anything about it.

As quickly as you think there might be an issue in your relationship then you need to make some changes.

Yes, to quickly resolve any relationship troubles and make the relationship strong once again.

If you think your relationship is becoming stale and your girlfriend is getting bored with you, that can change.

But it’s up to you to take some action steps.

Therefore, be sure to become a bit of a challenge for your sweetheart. Everyone likes a passionate lover and so if you make some changes, that’s great.

To make it a little bit more passionate and pleasing can bring the spark in a relationship to a nice flame.

The Course in Miracles further teaches: “The invitation is accepted immediately…and wastes no time in introducing practical results.”

One excellent way to bring the trigger back into the relationship is to act and attempt like the guy you were at the start of the relationship.

To improve your relationship and get past this rut. I mean you need to go back to the man you were at the start.

As soon as you think there may be a problem in your relationship then you require to make some modifications.

That would mean to open your heart and go deep within to solve it. It’s where you make the relationship strong once again.

(BTW…I also suggest this gone viral article. It’s about remaining in love is more difficult than falling in love.) 

To rekindling the love,

James Nussbaumer

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