Staying Calm in Stressful Situations even when All Hell Breaks Loose!

Why is staying calm in stressful situations of the way to success and the habits of highly effective people? Here, I have updated some information from a previous article, so that when all hell breaks loose you may have ideas on what to do, next.

As you learn how to stay calm under pressure you need to also always have peace of mind and reflection about your life.

We need to be cool and stay just ahead of worry, fear, depression and anxiety, where stress will try to rule us when working toward staying calm in stressful situations.



These emotions from a difficult situation like to keep us from getting the life we want!

The Course in Miracles states, “Your peace lies in its limitless. Limit the peace you share, and your Self must be unknown to you.”

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Keeping calm and staying cool helps overcome the wrong-minded negative effects that only harm our ability to employ a much brighter power of choice, when in a difficult situation.

By staying calm in stressful situations is the only way to not only get the life you want, but to maintain a successful life.

This is of the habits of successful people who have ever passed through this world, and it’s how successful people grow.

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To handling stress in your life,

James Nussbaumer

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