Stop Being Hard on Yourself and Learn How to Lighten up when Life is Too Hard

If you can’t stop being hard on yourself since you feel you’re not getting the life you want, this article may help you turn things around.

I like to suggest we look within and see if we’re searching for fantasy wishes, or rather the truth about our goals in life.

It might be tough in the beginning yet if you maintain it, you ought to have the ability to lighten up on yourself.

We’re most definitely our very own worst adversary quite often.

Battling with two or more false ideas when it seems life is too hard makes it difficult to stop being hard on yourself.

Toying with fantasy or illusions for the life you wish for, is stressful. Besides, other than trying to make them real what are we really doing?

A Course in Miracles asks us to contemplate this: 

  • “Do you want the problem or do you want the answer? Decide for the answer and you will have it, for you will see it as it is, and it is yours already.”

We struggle to make them different from each other.

This makes us believe that one of the illusions will win at being truer than the others.

It’s a real error in thinking and often is the case when you scold yourself by saying something like, I’m too hard on myself.”

Actually by making that statement is a good sign that truth is shifting forward to replace fantasy.

By participating in the idea that life is too hard is where you certainly make a war against yourself.

I mean a battle that you cannot win.

However, there really can be no true conflict between illusions and truth. Nor can one illusion be truer than another.

A false idea is only what it can be, and by addressing this head on you can stop being hard on yourself.

These illusions may project a particularly pleasant projected image of something you wish for. But the extension of life, or reality, will never come of it.

So it really doesn’t matter what form a false idea projects, because false is continuously and certainly false.

Likewise, trying to make it true is insanity, and why you need to learn how to lighten up.

Nothing can be created, even the life you wish for, by these unreal separated thoughts of fantasy.

When I say separated, I mean thoughts being in conflict or split apart from the truth in you.

Wishing for a dream life “one of these days” is fantasy compared to the commitment and devotion to creating the life you want in truth.

When wishing for something doesn’t materialize is when it seems life is too hard.

But when you can stop being hard on yourself and go within to the center of your truth something miraculous occurs.

You start to take action on the life you want, and is how to lighten up.

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So you can stop being hard on yourself, let’s define fantasy.

Couldn’t we say it’s when we try to make the unreal into something real? Can it also be wishing the real were something it is not?

How often have we found ourselves and then further forcing ourselves, to think we were so right.

I mean about a particular stance we were on where we said we’d, “take it to our grave?”

Illusions cannot win over Truth, nor can they threaten it in any way whatsoever.

We try to make these illusions into a reality that can never exist, and this is when it seems life is too hard.

We also deny the true reality the illusions can never even remotely be a part of.

Why do we deny Truth to only bring in illusion?

It’s because illusions are thoughts from a separated, dreaming mind, where we are wishing to make them real.

We even try to cover up this “wish” as a “picture,” for a better world.

For example, a prosecutor gives the “cash rich” drug dealer a break, as a trade-off to the defense lawyer.

I read about a case where it was a trade for the insider trading deals of the stock broker. One that the media could run with.

A safer stock market is the prosecutor’s grandiose picture. Not to mention the boost to his career.

Illusions and fantasy only think they can win over Truth.

But they can’t even threaten it because to truly want comes from the heart. We “wish” we could “want” something to occur for many little reasons.

These which are based on the foundation of another illusion called fear. But the fear of what you may ask?

That is a good healing question for how stop being hard on yourself.

So try to answer it carefully for the good of yourself to end scolding yourself about, “being hard on myself.

Here’s how to lighten up to the truth within you. This truth within you “wants” to live the life you want. 

This true wanting springs into action taking steps to begin creating the life you’ve always wanted.

But as you do, try not to let it sit there unattended for too long.

Or the ego, that foundation of fantasy based on fear, will see it as prey for ego-based maneuvering.

Your answering this honestly from within you will help you handle how to lighten up. 

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To living the life you truly want,

James Nussbaumer

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