Stress Free Living Now is Yours by Aligning to the Magnitude of Inner Happiness and Bliss

Stress free living has a remarkable effect on every element of finding inner peace in our life.

Being stress free can impact your capability to operate in this world from your real magnitude instead of littleness.

You will sleep well and wake in the morning with renewed passion.

Having stress free living can even enhance your body’s metabolism for effective weight-loss goals. Likewise, minimize such ailments from a simple headache to more serious issues.

Learning the ways to reduce stress can assist you to get your life back under your control with inner happiness.

Finding peace within with stress relief tips can keep you free of worry of the future and regrets of the past. 

You will have a more ideal situation for hanging out with friends and connecting with family.

Family issues seem to resolve much easier when there is a stress free environment, and friendships are more lasting.

Let’s explore a nice bundle of stress free living suggestions and stress relief tips for inner happiness in your life.

  • For starters we need to accept the problem.

You need to begin finding peace within about an issue so that a solution may come to you.

Keep in mind as read along this principle from the Course in Miracles text: 

  • “Littleness and glory are the choices open to your striving and your vigilance. You always choose one at the expense of the other.”

For example, you need to accept yourself where you are, no matter what. I mean, you can not solve any issue without first accepting it, and yourself.

We spend a lot of our time attempting to reject exactly what has actually taken place. Or reject a part of ourselves, pushing it away.

This only causes more of the issue appearing in your life.

Really often just completely accepting the part of you that is creating the problem will suffice. This will help to have it disappear, as it is so often tried to being pushed away/rejected.

Part of you is trying to send you a message about stress free living, maybe it’s time you listened.

  • Next, let’s be an appreciator.

You cannot bring in to you, that to which you are not already connected

One of the fastest ways to attract exactly what you want towards you is learning to appreciate it.

Yes, appreciate the greatness and wonder in whatever scenario it is life offers you.

Because it is the closest universal thought match, or, vibration, to source. Therefore the development of what it is that you desire, being an appreciator is so essential.

For that reason the more you operate at that frequency, the closer to source you are. Then, the quicker things will manifest for you in the real world with finding peace within.

It is not important to verbalize your appreciation but just to provide it.

What I’m saying is, appreciation is the remedy to a few of the lowest types of energy and feelings we are capable of.

In example; pity, bitterness, and so on.

In book 3 of my ever-developing series, called, And Then I Knew My Abundance, I discussed examples why presuming and using thankfulness helps.

It’s the appreciation that you currently have exactly what you seek, and you right away begin to attract. This means more of it comes towards you, whether you have any of it or not.

  • Inner happiness without having reasons.

The experience of pleasure is a right now, in-the-moment. It is sensory-rich, and sights, sounds, and sensations experienced in your individual awareness.

This is why I urge that you learn how to do mindfulness meditation returning stress and anxiety to the nothingness it came from.

Focus your life on having more now-moment enjoyment experiences, rather than building up reasons or things to be pleased about.

  • Stay connected to your Source for stress free living.

Why do we walk through and have picnics in parks?

We have awareness on some level that we are part of a much higher gathered awareness. It’s something higher, something greater than us.

People are attracted to their Source due to the fact that we acknowledge that’s where we desire to be.

We want to have those feelings, we want to experience that inner awareness or pure thought. Since the awareness, simply by being in its existence, makes us feel much better about ourselves.

  • Live in this instant now. 

Being in the present moment is the only manner where  you can make an emotional connection to exactly what it is that you want.

Therefore start the process of it ending up being brought in to you in future present instants.

An example: “I have all these things I must get done…”

You need to be in the present moment enough for how to achieve inner peace. Here you will see relationship issues become easily resolved in a more loving manner.

I’m saying let’s have sufficient full-inward awareness, enjoyable, positive and complete body sensations. Surely you need good feelings about what you want to attract in your life.

Wouldn’t you agree?

It is so in order to start the process of its automatic manifesting attraction to you. Living with your thoughts about past or future events is totally wrong-minded .

It is redundant in the process of stress free living and attracting exactly what you desire into your life.

  • You can never be enough to others.

You can never be enough to others in a time of need when the chips are down for someone and you can be of help.

When you like yourself so much that you have love to radiate to others, you are operating from your magnitude rather than from littleness.

The Spirit of your magnitude is of the wonderful ways to reduce stress.

The Course in Miracles further states:

  • “The Holy Spirit can hold your magnitude, clean of all littleness, clearly and in perfect safety in your mind, untouched by every little gift the world of littleness would offer you.

It is only when you are permitting the abundance to flow to you, that you then have the capability to gift it to others.

Providing your thoughts and actions–in any form–to others, does wonders and is miraculous.

Whether it is love, forgiveness, encouragement, support, or any energy, even when your cup is not already overflowing over, is the fastest pathway to inner happiness.

It creates an emotional bond and helps finding peace within for both parties. 

If you want to truly assist others, you need to first be true to yourself. Others will not truly be relieved if your gestures are not sincere.

False compliments, or unreal favors and, such gestures only keep you imprisoned in your own psychological impoverishment/malnutrition.

They are not beneficial, and serve no purpose in boosting your life or others’.

  • Take pride enough to line up with your true intentions.

This is necessary due to the fact that it is just in your growing that you have anything to provide others.

You have no real reason looking after the compartments of others if your own compartment is not true of giving inner happiness.

It is important that you be careful of your own commitments to prevent emotions like lack of self-worth to darken a situation.etc.

I mean be true to yourself as to what you can truly do for someone. Don’t promise the moon if you can’t deliver.

Remain present and in attendance to your own requirements first and you will always provide others your best, automatically.

  • You are not your accomplishments.

Understand that you are not your accomplishments, but you are what your giving heart states about you.

One of the fastest ways to attract what you want towards you is discovering to appreciate the good in a situation. I’m talking about any situation life is providing you with.

People like you and I are connecting to our Source when we acknowledge that’s where we want to be.

It’s when we want to have those sensations, we want to experience that kind gesture of helping.

That’s because the pure thought of giving is simply by being in its presence, and makes us feel better about ourselves.

(Note: When you’re finished here I have another recommended article that may help. It’s about relieving stress and staying focused on your goals by realizing and listening to the inner voice of love.)  

Being in the present moment is the only way you can make a psychological connection to what it is that you want.

That said, begin the process of it becoming brought in to you in any given instant without regret.

You must operate in this instant now enough to realize your inner awareness, and that will provide stress free living.

Always have right-minded favorable full body feelings about what you want to attract in your life.

By doing so, you keep in motion the procedure of its automatic manifesting attraction to you.

Living with your ideas about worry of the future or past regrets is totally worthless for attaining stress free living.

If you are uncertain about where you’re heading in life, stress and anxiety certainly will not help you.

Stress relief tips will always tell you to be appreciative about what you have right now in this instant.

It is the process of how to achieve inner peace and is of the ways to reduce stress and anxiety in your life.

So move forward in life by walking freely out the prison gate of stress, anxiety, worry and fear, and begin attracting exactly what you want into your life.


Set goals and objectives that are anxiety and stress free.

Put simply, go enjoy. Life’s too brief!

No matter how tough or frustrating life can be, remain with stress free living and have a steadfast belief that you can do anything your heart desires.

Knowing ways to reduce stress can be much easier when you keep your mind away from chaos.

I mean rather of hectic things you do not like doing much of the time. You’ll be most likely to eliminate any sensations of anxiety and stress.

If you’re a little brief on money, you might participate in simple things like taking a leisurely walk in the park.

Do the important things you like.

Perhaps, playing sports or standard working out, checking out books and other self-help material.

Try to start taking part in any activity that you have enthusiasm for and would enjoy to pursue.

While this sort of favorable mindset is not just natural aid for stress and anxiety, you will likewise acquire an enjoyable character for how to eliminate anxiety.

Of the methods to conquer anxiety can be listening to some relaxing music that you like, while taking an excellent warm bath.

Last night I took a wonderful bubble bath while listening to enlightening classical piano music.

Learn how to relax!

Merely take a break from your requiring work and invest the day just in bumming around. Yes, doing the important things you find inner happiness with. 

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To stress free living,

James Nussbaumer

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And for a better life.

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