Strong Love Tips: Finding Love and Keeping the Spark Alive with Passion

In this article about love I will present some strong love tips about love and passion. 

If you’re wanting to rekindle the old love because perhaps you split apart too soon and now you want to get your ex back, this may help you, too.

Sometimes in life we make rash decisions and regret them later, and that’s okay if we may finally come to terms with what we truly want.

Regardless of your situation this article about love and passion is intended to open your heart and look within, so you may live the life you want, truly.

Let’s look at some love advice for both men and women to keep the spark alive with relationship advice for women.

Also some relationship advice for men, too, and how the spark in a relationship can be ignited into real passion and love.

Have you had a few to many failed relationships and just don’t believe you’ll ever get serious again?

If you’re concerned about having a serious, long term relationship then this post may help.

There are other alternatives that you can seek to help improve your current scenario like seeing a couple’s counselor.

Or perhaps reading self-help books on love and relationships.

But for now in this article about love let’s take some strong love tips to the heart for a closer look.

As you read along and accept this article about love, keep in the back of your mind this spiritual metaphysical principle from A Course in Miracles:

  • “The world can give you only what you gave it, for being nothing but your own projection, it has no meaning apart from what you found in it and placed your faith in.”

You need to understand that there are two individuals with their own projections of life in this world. The faith you have within for each other is what creates the love.

This love and passion is what will make one loving couple in a relationship. Likewise there requires to be some giving of love and some receiving of love.

A love relationship is not everything about you and you cannot constantly have things always surrounding what you want.

There needs to be compromise from both sides of the needs for love and passion.

If you discover it isn’t really possible to compromise and you fight over everything then issues need to be addressed.

Perhaps you are both too different to make this particular relationship work.

All relationships have disputes so you cannot anticipate everything to be peaches and cream.

Of course there will be some disagreements from time to time. 

The concept is to discuss disputes and make compromises so that the two of you are pleased as one loving couple.

This does not imply that you have to continuously give up and provide him his own way all the time.

Strong love tips implies that you both need to consider each other’s feelings and make compromises along the way.

It isn’t really hard to know how to be a passionate and loving wife, fiance, or girlfriend. But it may take some effort to keep a relationship strong.

For you guys the relationship ought to likewise have the right amount of tender heart caring and effort for the healthy relationship.

A healthy relationship, we’ve all heard many times before is a two way street.

That means it isn’t all your obligation to make it work.

If a woman remains in a relationship with a guy who thinks it is totally the woman’s task to make things work, then that male most likely isn’t worth being in a relationship with.

Relationship advice for men suggests that it is important the guy be serious about making the relationship work.

It takes two to make a successful relationship where love and passion are together as one and fully bright.

If one person in the relationship believes that they always need to be ideal then problems will arise.

I mean strong love tips suggest if you constantly have to have things to be perfect then the relationship will not last.

The majority of relationships start out terrific.

However after a while the initial passion and infatuation may fade a bit. 

Often love and passion fades and the couple settle into their normal life and their normal practices. This can be when relationship issues creep in about the tiniest of matters.

This is fine if the couple addresses this issue from the heart and has a some loving communication in the relationship.

I’m saying if you both see some changes have occurred you both can look at the severity of it. It may be just a simple phase one of you or both of you are going through.

But if one begins being self-centered and insensitive or demanding then this is something you don’t wish to endure.

Life is filled with too much greatness and beauty to reside in a relationship where one party is abusive.

If one is self-centered and desires you to live life how he/she demands, then relationship troubles have begun.

One of the greatest strong love tips is that you both need to enjoy each other for who that individual is to his or her inner core.

(I also like this related article that may help on tips for happy married life and for communication in marriage.)  

This is where love and passion displays itself from the heart.

A good relationship will have excellent interaction where the loving couple can go over anything. Likewise to lovingly from the heart interact to deal with any scenario.

When you are with the right individual you will know that he/she are ideal for you. You will want to be equally happy with the shared love.

A strong and healthy relationship will have each of you appreciate each other. You will look each other in the eyes relaying that you want each other to be happy.

The best love advice suggests being happy and appreciative of your sweetheart’s happiness and actions.

To find love means you have uncovered the luminous light or your partner’s inner core. This is love from the heart.

To keep the spark alive you need to be both willing and ready  to make compromises when it’s needed. And do not expect to have everything your own way all the time.

Compromise and good relationship communication is a must to have an excellent healthy relationship.

You must make the effort to understand that there are two individuals that create the  love as one couple.

What’s it take to find love?

To find love means both of you opening your heart and sharing that essence with one another. This God Essence within you both is perfect love.

A Course in Miracles states: “Yet in this world your perfection is unwitnessed.

This always means some give and take from the two of you.

But if you will follow in your heart these easy to understand strong love tips your love and passion will be long-lasting.

Relationship advice for men also suggests be ready and willing to put in the effort needed for a strong relationship.

For you gals if you are in a relationship with a guy who believes it is entirely the woman’s job to make things work, then that guy probably isn’t worth being in a relationship with.

Whether it’s relationship advice for women or for men, remember life while in this world is brief, but the love you share is eternal.

Grab a hold of that eternal love while in this world and make your stay here on Earth filled with love and passion.

Sadly, many in a relationship seem not to be able to find love that is is filled with real passion.

Consider counselling if you must.

If you’re in a relationship that is struggling because of lack of what this article about love suggests, then seek some counselling.

Take action on doing something to find love in the relationship, and if nothing is working it might be time to move on.

Of course, people will certainly go through some turbulent times together and get disturbed via the routine.

This roller coaster ride through life as humans can program us for failure in relationships if, we enable it to.

I imply that, the unhealthy relationship is a dangerous point considering that to find love seems unattainable.

So what you can do today is going within yourself and uncover what you want in life. If strong love tips you’ve sought after truly help, then that’s the miracle in motion.


Please bear in mind the strong love tips above, but also that when a relationship achieves a degree of ‘misuse’ – the connection isn’t truly healthy and balanced.

Many of the relationships we see everywhere can assist us along, boost us, as well as make us better people.

I mean, in addition to simply give us joy for learning some strong love tips from what we see.

Yes, when we can discover something for our very own habits and to enhance our own state of mind. 

Relationship healing is so crucial to recognize that we as human beings are recovering constantly from something.

When closeness of heart takes place, usually precisely what makes a connection healthy and balanced is the desire to be at-one.

Craze, abuse, anger and the like should certainly not be a regular component of any type of healthy relationship.

If so, then I must suggest you seek out some type of couple’s therapy or counselling.

Undesirable connections and love relationships we see everywhere, don’t we?

Some see it from our parents, grandparents, longtime friends, individuals we see in a restaurant who hardly speak to one another.

The unhealthy love relationship can leave us really feeling short-changed in life, unless you search for strong love tips.

And then take action!

But on the other hand, it’s up to you to decide to leave or stay. If there’s a twinkle of hope left then seek out some help today.

If not, maybe it’s time to move on in life.

(Here’s a suggested related article on marriage guidance counselling and marital therapy helping heal relationship issues.)  

To keeping the spark alive,

James Nussbaumer

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