Succeeding in Life: Why you’re Not Aligning to the Power of the Universe

Oh my, yes, succeeding in life is not all about how much money you have and your net worth.

I want to point you in a direction today to understand the true meaning of the Power of the Universe.

Of course, and how the real power is at your beg-and-call, so to speak; and works to better your life (And Why You Need to Honor your True Free Will).

Yes, your true free will is your passion in life with a purpose you feel in your pounding heart!

Wouldn’t you agree!

First let me say, I like this spiritual metaphysical principle from the Course in Miracles:

  • “The ego’s rule is Seek and do not find. Translated into curricular terms this means, Try to learn but do not succeed.”

You’ve heard of power of the universe for how to improve your life, but do you know how it works?

I mean how your true free will operates at a metaphysical level for succeeding in life.

(Please note, I also want to direct you to another related yet detailed article: It tells why it doesn’t take an ‘Einstein’ to reach success by aligning to the power of manifestation for the life you truly want:) 

If you want to learn how successful people grow, and always be transforming your life, that’s great.

But, you’ll have to understand the laws of manifestation. 

I also suggest you checkout this online course below that has helped so many to begin succeeding in life.

Final Word on Getting the Life you Want:

Begin being true to yourself about how and why succeeding in life means understanding the power of the universe.

Yes, I mean when it comes to manifest your destiny with clear intent to reach goals.

Just keep in mind that it perhaps might take you a bit longer than others to get the life you want.

So, that said, you will have to be loyal to yourself and with patience. 

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All my best,

James Nussbaumer

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