Surviving an Affair Today and Fixing the Broken Relationship

It might be you are surviving an affair or you want to save a relationship or begin fixing a broken marriage, either way, you can heal.

It is NOT too desperately difficult to do when you understand a few wonderful yet whole-minded thoughts and ideas.  

From the body or the physical level, your relationship and marriage issues may seem too severe to heal, but from a more whole-minded approach you may learn to further and deeper tap this love relationship’s real and true potential.

I cut this video below from a previous article that has been well-received because I want you to be aware of how to stop divorce, begin surviving an affair, and how to fix a broken marriage.



Make sure you look deeper into your marriage issues as it is something every serious couple concerned about relationship healing should know in their heart, even if you’re faced with surviving an affair.

That’s why I also suggest this Women’s Life Confidence program for those who are faced with rebuilding their future.

How to fix a broken marriage even if it is surviving an affair, infidelity in marriage, and to save a relationship is in understanding that constant healing is a part of everyday life as humans in this world.

The Course in Miracles states, “The holy relationship, a major step toward the perception of the real world, is learned.”

And I like to use these quick words from the Course in Miracles workbook, in the form of mindfulness meditation:

  • Let me recognize the problem so it can be solved.

“Did you know that within the marriage relationship and marriage issues both husband and wife either bear the wholeness of the One-Mind, or instead of separation from wholeness which is what often leads to infidelity in marriage?”

Follow this strategy and you’ll see that no one wants to believe that he or she’s stuck in a rut, where the arguments and battles that make the signs to leave a relationship are pretty obvious and regular, and nothing is getting better.

Research (and many sex and relationship experts) say that there is life after an affair for a couple.

And if you’re struggling over whether or not to try to get your ex back into your life, I suggest you check this out, on the healing way for reconnecting.

Couples counselors have shared their opinion on cheating, when there is hope for a couple, warning signs that you should get out of your relationship, and the healing process post-affair.

  • What about when the unthinkable happens to you?

“There’s no way this is happening to me and to us,” you may think when you find out your spouse has engaged in an affair. Your first reaction may be, “We’re over.”

(This related article may help on “If you’re thinking of leaving a relationship will break up advice help or do you really want help saving a troubled relationship?”  

To healing as your right when infidelity in a marriage,

James Nussbaumer

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