To Actually Love Yourself: A Couple Step Refine to Do Just That!

Step 1 is mindfully following your breath to come to be present in your body and welcome every one of your feelings. It’s about moving toward your sensations instead of fleing from them with various types of self-abandonment, such as staying concentrated in your head, judging on your own, turning to dependencies to numb out, […]

Manage Depression and Anxiety Fast by Growing Natural Herbs

Food for thought about healing depression and anxiety. Grow a herb garden with herbs that will assist you with your anxiety. It is essential that you keep undesirable concepts out of your mind if you suffer from anxiety. Isn’t healing all about aligning with Mother Nature? An excellent suggestion that can assist you to leave […]

The Subconscious Mind and Analyzing Dreams

The power of your subconscious mind can not be under estimated. Although we do not totally understand how the subconscious works exactly, the power of it is undisputed. ” The reason guy might become the master of his own destiny is due to the fact that he has the power to affect his own subconscious […]

Overcome Depression while Finding Happiness means Believing in You

Let’s begin to overcome depression while finding happiness and moving forward in life. Why overcome depression while finding happiness and leaving behind stress and anxiety works for me; yet may not for you. If you want to let go of stress, anxiety and depression, what do you have to do? You have to begin taking […]

Ways to Feel Happy Quickly by Ridding Stress and Anxiety for Good

Let’s simply say for example, of the ways to feel happy first thing when you popped out of bed today, you awakened and discovered a little yellow post-it note stuck on the mirror next to your toothbrush. It was a note to yourself that could bring a smile and transform your life. You smiled, immediately recognizing […]

About the Holy Spirit Podcast: For a Better Life

Many people have confusion about the Holy Spirit. In a discussion at a recent conference about the true power within us, and the power of our subconscious mind, and on concepts all about the Holy Spirit, is what this Podcast will be discussing.     Some messaged in and asked me, “When I consider the […]

A True Calling Answers to Healing Daily Problems in Life

You are always being divinely directed, a true calling, for ways to reach your full potential and be all that you can be. But sometimes if we’re not listening to that true calling daily problems in life can seem to snowball, as once was the case for me. But how can you tell when you’re […]