Ways to Feel Happy Quickly by Ridding Stress and Anxiety for Good

Let’s simply say for example, of the ways to feel happy first thing when you popped out of bed today, you awakened and discovered a little yellow post-it note stuck on the mirror next to your toothbrush.

It was a note to yourself that could bring a smile and transform your lifeYou smiled, immediately recognizing this really familiar word.

And on the back were guidelines on ways to integrate more ways to feel happy in your life so you’d feel less stress and anxiety, more carefree, fun and energetic, and no more dealing with depression.

You’ve projected your day ahead of schedule and done it every single day of your life without even believing about it.

It’s as much fun as a long past due chat with one of your dearest golfing pals, as cheap as an afternoon vision, as good for you as a 20 minute exercise, yet as vital as the air you breathe.

Laughter is the no charge, no effort, incredibly basic, wonderfully enjoyable, overnight option to happier, healthier, much better living.



American clinical and medical journals on ways to feel happy have actually cited the medical and mental benefits of laughter. This is no laughing matter!

Laughter can heal your pain, and so much more like:

  • Minimize your tension, stress and anxiety
  • Get you sleeping like a tiny infant
  • Filter out tension in the muscles and nervous system
  • Increase your immunity
  • Foster some great creativity
  • Extend your life … expand your viewpoint … bond you to others … increase your beauty and charisma …

With a lot to gain and definitely nothing to lose, are you ready to take these ideas to heart for ways to feel happy, so you can giggle a little, snicker some, laugh boisterously, babble raucously, snort suddenly and hoot and shriek through happy tears of joy?

Finding happiness is in wrapping yourself in an amusing state of mind and viewpoint about the world, and laughing your way to a seriously healthy, upbeat attitude for being happy in life.

Here are a handful of bullet points and easy ways to feel happy and to grab more giggles and exercise your inner sense of humor:

  • Hang around Funny People with Great Sense of Humor

Yes, I mean make every effort to be around these lighthearted folks every possibility you get.

  • Lose your Wits

Be super silly for 10 seconds and let your brilliant absurd child within out to play.

  • Be a Silly Spectator

Stand back and scope out the outlandish, outrageous and crazy hilarity of humans.

You will thank me the next time you are trying to ward off feelings of aggravation and monotony in line at the DMV, out shopping or in the waiting space of the physician’s office.

Take it up a notch and bring your home entertainment house with you and mimic their quirks, qualities or peculiarities that made you giggle previously in the day.

  • Make Extraordinary Statements

State your daily experiences in a fun method and relive them! People make fun of the stuff they can connect to.

It’s the common, daily run of the mill things we discover funny.

Some of the very best comedies and funniest comics (Jim Carey is an ideal example) produce material out of the everyday perils of life.

It’s their enthusiasm and strong point of view that strikes an emotional cord in us and makes us rupture out with laughter.

Go for it and liven your stories up with attitudes, dialects, voices and opinions. Be spontaneous and let it fly!

When you get close to the end, stop, take a deep breath and provide the story a moment of silence.

Let ‘em’ dangle in anticipation prior to ending with a big bang!

Including more energy, volume and effect will offer your story significance, closure and provide you the rewards of laughter.

  • Make it Big!

I mean explain something gigantic.

For example, on your morning commute to work (naturally while browsing your lorry with the utmost in attentive care), explain something enormous.

Perhaps it’s the biggest mobile phone, coffee machine, or Decoration Day sparkler ever to be seen at over Haley’s Comet.

Rent your preferred timeless comedy flicks or a few of the brand-new ones you’ve been indicating to get around to.

Order unrestricted door to door delivery service with your preferred DVDs without any pesky late costs or due dates.

You’re in for some severe first rate livin’ when you believe about the films, laughs and life home entertainment that will be waiting for you on your doorstep.

  • Fake a Roll or Take a Part

Play David Feherity over a shot or two while on the golf course, or act like Red Skelton when in a long line at the Post Office, or simply ham it up for the day and walk through life with a particular point of view.

I mean take on a strong viewpoint, smart persona, funny accent or issue that you should solve.

Juice it up and have a barbecue in the back yard where everybody has to keep a character for the night.

For you ladies, believe you got a ‘City Slicker Cowgirl’ (don’t call me an urban buckle bunny) personality in my hip pocket just waiting to come out.

“This woman just ain’t sure how she’s going to lasso herself up a ride on one of them fast four wheeled, yellow stallions.”

Prior to things getting too heated think of something quirky, cool, funny or amusing.

The outright worst circumstances still have a silver lining … you are getting some really terrific comical product for later.

Focus on the simply plain or entertaining weird minutes that you’ll desire to evaluate with your friends and laugh about later.

Keep this principle in mind from the Course in Miracles where stating, “You will see your value through your brother’s eyes, and each one is released as he beholds his savior in place of the attacker he thought was there.”

Also keep in mind this is why I urge that you learn how to do mindfulness meditation, to get to that inner alpha state of being where all your creativity sits and waits for you to claim it.

Now let’s shift forward a little and discuss taking a journey on being happy in life with balance that minimizes stress and anxiety.

(Here’s another related article I suggest to help when you need to learn how to let it go while overcoming adversity and moving on in life.) 

Finding Happiness and Balance in Life

The 50 ‘ish,’something, stressed-out business owner is absolutely overloaded, in danger for a cardiac arrest, shedding his inner freedom over money worries with his organization.

He also has no time at all or quality moments for his family members. His physician advises that he attempt reflection principles to begin gaining balance with some pleasure for life.

Why undergo all the difficulty of striving and succeeding if it will not make you a better individual?

That is the concern kept in mind in my ever-developing book series that begins with The Master of Everything: A Story of Mankind and the World of Illusion We Call Life (Ozark Mountain Publishing Co.)

In it, we discuss my individual story as a stressed out financial advisor and the mistakes I made that landed me a TEN year prison term over a foolish securities violation.  

Being pleased, I like to say, ought to be one of our main objectives in life as well as this series of books take visitors on a course to obtain easy actions for a better life.

Let’s consider that real joy and inner bliss comes from uncovering who you truly are, being aligned to your true free will and, getting the life you want.

I mean by helping others and living a well-balanced life.

I like to discuss about ‘being captured in the timeless vanity catch,’ yet slowly end up being liberated and free from within.

The Best Ways to Define Happiness

Being satisfied must be one of our key objectives in life and this in depth book series will certainly take viewers on a course to understanding straightforward actions.

Finding happiness is about uncovering it and being all you can be in this world, while smiling as time goes by as one lives a balanced and happy life.

The series redefines success and the ways to feel happy, recommending that it is determined in joy as well as not in properties.

“I am specific,” that when an individual takes their last breath he or she will certainly never repent just how many vehicles and homes they did not purchase.

Much from recommending quick-fix ways to feel happy as prescriptions, we may say, this series, based on reflections of A Course in Miracles, as well as composed as an easy-to-read books, has real life stories, narratives, and examples and wit.

Remember, it is up to each of us individually to redefine success and ways to feel happy, recommending that finding happiness is gauged in joy and not in properties.

Next, let’s move to why you are responsible for your own happiness and balance in life, and that it is within you to live the life you want.

Ridding Stress and Anxiety for Being Happy in Life

You could presume, for instance, ways to feel happy, that you will certainly be satisfied when you find the love of your life.

As well as you’re finding happiness until the very first spat or battle. Or the very first time your love is in a poor state of mind.

Well, let’s consider something right here, see why these points do not shine, with a ray of hope now that you are nearing the end of this article, for exactly how you might in fact locate your ideal balance and being happy in life.

You could quit reading this article and stop right here, if you’re looking for any type of incredible magic potions for answers.

Similar to you making others’ lives harder if you’re dissatisfied and moaning and groaning all the time.


Since individuals really don’t want to listen to your wrong-minded comments and judgements, and your whining about not being happy in life.

But deep within others who listen to you gripe or complain, also wish they could help you feel better.

The very first incorrect presumption is that individuals are able to help you find ways to feel happy.

You’ve placed your hopes for being happy in life right into really high-risk hands if you really hope that other individuals will certainly offer you a better life.

Other individuals will certainly earlier make you unpleasant compared to delighted, when you place your quest for finding happiness in their hands.

I think you currently reviewed loads of short articles detailing “leading points and such and all the ways to feel happy,” and they remarkably really did not work for you.

I mean I can understand it sort of is not-too-fun to be dealing with stress and anxiety and not finding happiness.

But the whole point here, at this juncture in my message, is, you cannot make other individuals completely delighted, and other individuals cannot make you a better individual.

But others can, however undoubtedly make you miserable—a violent companion or a terrible spouse, and pain-in-the-butt boss at work, or an oblivious golfing pal, or whoever you like.

Neither a best employer neither a best enthusiast can offer you being happy in life.

Various other individuals will certainly faster make you unpleasant compared to satisfied because you allow them to do so.

Right here is exactly what you must do concerning connections and also joy:

  • Proceed to anticipate that the loveliest individuals, also the most favorable living beings, will certainly throw injury attempts at you from time to time.
  • This is the human ego-based mind in action—that self-doubting, fearful and judgmental aspect in us all, so be mindful that your path and your ways to feel happy are all up to you.
  • Of all, you need to at all price stay clear of individuals that make your life unpleasant purposefully or are zombies or power vampires.

And also you should be constantly uncovering your own natural inner beauty and awesomeness, and extending THAT to all who you encounter.

The Course in Miracles terms this the ‘holy encounter,” and further teaches us that while doing that, ensure you typically aren’t contaminating them with your heartache.

So as this article approaches its conclusion, and since individuals have to pay attention to all your grumbling and disgust for the world that you are a part of, remember that deep within them they truly want to see you finding happiness.


You’ve done it every single day of your life without even thinking about it. Now you have a handful of ideas as ways to feel happy and to grab more laughs and exercising balance in life.

Be humorous often and hang out with people who have a great sense of humor, and find subjects out of the daily dangers of life.

“I am particular,” I like to always say, “That when an individual takes their dying breath he or she will certainly never worry over the amount of money, homes, and vehicles they did deny.

They possibly will be sorry for not having actually been aligned to their true free will and a life of purpose and passion.

If you’re finished with reviewing this article and you’re possibly still not catching a glimpse of the real happy you, then please review all the messages I offer here.

Remember, it is up to you to expand on the ways to feel happy, while moving forward in life and being aligned to your true free will.

(Here’s a related article for how to live the life you imagine now by letting go of feeling hopeless.)  

To uncovering happiness,

James Nussbaumer

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