A True Calling Answers to Healing Daily Problems in Life

You are always being divinely directed, a true calling, for ways to reach your full potential and be all that you can be. But sometimes if we’re not listening to that true calling daily problems in life can seem to snowball, as once was the case for me.

But how can you tell when you’re having a true calling?

A True calling is a gentle whispering in your mind, an urging, a nudge, if you will, to make particular changes or moves in life.  But callings are not necessarily beams of light with the appearance of a divine image.

Consider a true calling to be the purest thought you may have for taking action on a plan and making it a purpose in life.

A Course in Miracles states, “Yet every instant you can be reborn, and given life again.”

My good friend and I Jon Phillips talked further that evening about mostly financial topics, like freedom to do what you want in life, over dinner and an expensive bottle of wine. 

We’d just finished a round of golf in rainy and windy conditions, where Jon and his old faithful Bulls Eye putter just rolled in 28 putts. If you’re an avid golfer, then you know what 28 putts means after 18 holes.

As the good food and comfortable setting of the old tavern was truly a treat, he actually gave that putter to me as a gift. He said that while we were playing in the wind and rain that it was God sprinkling holy water on our friendship. 

An older gentleman wearing a golf visor was playing the piano in the corner of the bar area.  The art and elegance of fine wine was another interest we shared, as did our wives as well. 

But for whatever strange reason, our wives never met one another and a foursome never materialized. 

I did on occasion speak with Jon’s wife, Becky, however, and she was thrilled about the great relationship Jon I had forged.

A Calling

As Jon carefully poured some more wine into my glass and then into his, he asked me if I’d ever visited the wine country in California. 

He called this northern territory out west “God’s Country” and said very enthusiastically that his and Becky’s plan was to one day “pack it up,” leave Florida, and “head for them thar hills.”

As I discussed in a previous blog article how our friendship began on the golf course, and as time went by Jon and I were playing golf more and more. Our friendship was allowing him to share with me some of his plans for the move out west. 

He said he felt a true calling to live there and explained to me how he would restart his small communications company in that area.  The business had something to do with tracking information for police departments, courts of law, and similar clients. 

True Destiny

I can still hear him saying to me that he didn’t have to believe in his true destiny if he already knows what it is. 

Jon told me he believes the power of the subconscious mind knows how to urge us to let go of one thing and head in another direction.

He said that when he listened to his heart his own daily problems in life faded away.

(By the way when you’re done here I suggest this related article on why it’s important to avoid stress by always moving forward in life.) 

Jon added he always pays attention to things occurring in his life, the people he meets, other things he notices, and thoughts about places he seems to be drawn to.

He talked about keeping a journal next to his bed and if awakened by a dream he’d write it down and then later in the day consider it for perhaps a symbol or message.

I always felt inspired by Jon, not only by his flawless and fluid golf swing, but as an individual who always seemed to be directed with positive thoughts for life.

Memories in that Blessed Bulls Eye Putter

Some years went by, things changed for both of us as they always do, and Jon and I sort of lost touch with each other after he and Becky’s move to California.

But I will add that I rolled in many putts with that Bulls Eye while having Jon in my memory! As a golfer, we might call that good karma.

Daily problems in life

My business was becoming more and more demanding of my time, with my efforts split between an office in Canton, Ohio and another in Tarpon Springs, Florida.  My time spent on the golf course was at an all-time minimum.

One thing led to another, and with the economy in freefall, the stock and bond markets, my own financial situation, and my marriage on the rocks, my life was filled with stress and anxiety. 

I was no longer having fun. 

It wouldn’t be long before my daily problems in life would slam me like a wrecking ball. 

The agony of divorce, coupled with frightening legal problems that soon would become an indictment by a grand jury on criminal charges over a foolish securities violation jolted me.

But that Bulls Eye putter somehow stayed with me!

It was negligence on my part over One Hundred Thousand dollars. I was a mess and lost.

A Course in Miracles further states, “The Holy Spirit offers you release from every problem that you think you have.”

It wouldn’t be long, and with a poorly equipped attorney, an example setter crusty old judge in an election year, along with a well-polished prosecutor, I was in deep trouble.

To add to the pile of my daily problems in life, this was all going down during a period of panic and abuses in the investment industry all over the news.

I would wind up standing in front of the judge and sentenced to 10 years in prison.

And guess what?

My oldest daughter Erin, not aware of the story, had stored that Bulls Eye putter in her basement while I was away!

(If you feel a true calling for more on this topic, in a related article I deeply discuss practicing meditation and managing stress for healing a scarcity mentality.)

To balance in life and reaching full potential,

James Nussbaumer

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