Think Positive and Achieve Your Goals means be Clear about Life Dreams

We like to say think positive and achieve your goals, but it’s more about how high can you bounce?

On my Master-Mind Challenge webinar last week, I started a series on making the necessary shift. Yes, in your mind to achieve your dream.

I suggested there are two models of understanding your inner dialogue to achieve your dream through reflection principles.

But when I said, “Bouncing higher” I got this from an ancient story about eggs versus balls.

You can think positive and achieve your goals and everything you’ve ever desired in life.

But only if you know the secrets that only the elite know.

It’s disclosed in the video below: the same secret that only the most successful, happiest and richest people have been privy to for centuries.

Do they break like eggs (and need protection)?

Or can they bounce (and need to be taught how to bounce higher)?

(This other related article on think positive and achieve your goals helps us see that: how to get anything you want in life truly is in your power…that you do realize deep down that you can achieve anything.) 

Well, OK, I probably just gave away what I think is the better model.

A few years back, I was seriously worried that I just couldn’t make my dreams, my goals and aspirations manifest, and I seemed lost.

Then, something hit me about achieve your dream. I learned an incredible lesson about my inner Self.

The Course in Miracles teaches us:

  • Stride forward with a firm steady step knowing. Yes, with a deep certain inner knowing, that you will reach every goal you set. The ones that you will achieve every aim. 

I discussed a system I use for making my goals and dreams become reality. It’s about overcoming the need for protection, and learning to bounce higher.

Think positive and achieve your goals by being clear.

If you are trying to get clear about your own goals, let me just suggest something. I mean, that the goal of getting to where you want to be is to begin within yourself.

But if you have a lack of passion and self-esteem you won’t get very far on living your dream. No, it’s a scarcity mindset that must be surrendered.

That’s as well, because, you life passion is always in you, but you just have it covered up.

I just plain one day decided to keep following my heart.

Yes, therefore, I decided to embrace my inner Higher Awareness and allow it to encourage me.

Then, I soon found that fear and doubt is nothing to let stop me.

Final Note about Inner Knowing:

Remember, it’s all about learning to think positive and achieve your goals.

Yes, and finally live your dream and to reset your action plans for the journey ahead.

I realized that it’s okay to make mistakes, because life is a learning experience. Sure, we better ourselves by continuing to move forward in life.

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All my best,

James Nussbaumer

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