Uncovering your Purpose and Living Life to the Fullest

Are you like many who want to begin uncovering your purpose, but are overwhelmed with life in general and see no prospects for change and living your dreams? 

Perhaps you’re feeling a true calling tugging at you!

More and more, and perhaps, you, too, searching for uncovering your purpose, continue to say, “I just don’t know how to have fun anymore.” 

And many further think and wonder, “What is my function in this world?”

But is it really true that maybe you don’t know how to begin uncovering your purpose in life, or are simply afraid to go after life and have fun, while living a life of inner freedom and peace? 

For many people, “fun” has become an addiction. 

But as with most addictive substances, people build up a tolerance for it.  So despite all the “fun” things people do, they are still not having fun.

What is really missing is the sense itself, of pure joy. 

People find that they no longer feel an authentic joyfulness in living, despite all the “fun stuff” they have or do.

It seems the concrete sets the standards for “how” and “when” and “where” and with “what” to have fun. 

Many people have a lot of “fun” toys but never use them.  This is the case whether rich or poor, and regardless of the stage of life they are in.

For many people like you trying to start uncovering your purpose, the world has taught them how to fit in, including having the proper toys that the world tells us are fun. 

Maybe a kind of “keeping up with the Joneses.” 

We see other people and their ways of survival, so we copy their ideas of what fun is supposed to be.  We stop making choices of our own and allow the worldly pleasures of the ego to give us joy.

Our ego cannot handle joy, but who we truly are is all joy.

The only way to see through this charade and get out of this trap is to, first of all, begin viewing “giving” and “receiving” as different aspects of the same thought. 

This, again, is why I urge you to learn how to do mindfulness meditation.

Especially the giving to, and the receiving from, yourself, and then you will begin uncovering your purpose in life.

A Course in Miracles teaches that, “This step, the smallest ever taken, is still the greatest accomplishment of all in God’s plan…”

Next is to begin contemplating and understanding that when you place limits on anything, you impose these limits on everyone else you see. 

Here’s how to more easily have peace of mind in daily life and get over depression, stress, anxiety:

Remember that the Holy Spirit—your inner guidance system, is limitless, and so are you and your brothers/sisters, and He wants you to start uncovering your purpose. 

You must begin to see all others as you see yourself.

Spiritual freedom is gained inside of you through the Sonship—as A Course in Miracles calls the whole Son of God—which in this world is humanity. 

Truth is in the Sonship, where your spiritual freedom awaits you.

The truth of the matter is that you do realize the body is a loss and will eventually turn to dust. 

And this reflective state of thought, or mindset, is how the world’s most influential people use to act like a success and think like a success.

So when you see another as a body apart from you, and separate in his/her own prison cell of a body, you are seeing a sacrifice of both of you.

If we are all separate, we are all lost; if all are One, nothing is lost—and being One-minded is the idea of the “Sonship”—or  just simply the whole Child of God. 

Every sacrifice you make is reinforcing your belief that you are separate and not-at-one with your Creator and the Sonship, and this is why you’ve been having trouble uncovering your purpose. 

The ego’s purpose of demanding sacrifice is to make the world recede, replaced by only what your body’s eye can see, which is the concrete and our concrete way of thinking.

The only way to spiritual freedom is to witness truth instead of illusion. 

We are not separate; but each of us has our role to play as part of the Whole Sonship.  Without your special function the world has no meaning for you.

Your special function can become your treasure house, as rich and limitless as Heaven Itself. 

Therefore, don’t be afraid of or embarrassed by your abstract thoughts—which are whole, as I describe in plenty of detail in both my book series. 

Wholeness with all of Creation including our Creator is where we truly exist.

The Holy Spirit’s function is to release us from the imprisonment we’ve made. 

Now it is your time for uncovering your purpose and open the door and accept the light the Holy Spirit shines through. 

To make it easier for you to enter the realm of spiritual freedom, simply ask yourself this question:

Can my own function truly be a task apart and separate from His own?

Now you may begin overcoming challenges in life and on to a life purpose.

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